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Quad City Trauma Center A Specialty Clinic Devoted Solely to Treatment of PTSD


Submitted by Rick Martenson, MS Ed, QC Counselor PLC

Trauma comes from the Greek word meaning “wound.” Trauma can be an emotional wound or shock that creates substantial, lasting damage to the psychological development of a person, often leading to maladaptive responses.

Emotional trauma leaves its mark upon us in several ways. There is usually a mental picture left behind of the event — or the worst part of the event. The event also leaves us with thoughts, feelings, and often body sensations. For the first two to four weeks following an event that has produced emotional trauma, we are said to be in “acute stress.” After four weeks, if the symptoms persist, we are said to be in a state of post-traumatic stress or PTSD.

As a result of PTSD, we avoid similar situations, have intrusive thoughts, and may be hyper-vigilant in similar surroundings. Our sleep is affected; we may drink more — even recklessly. We can develop physical pains like migraines or joint pain that medical doctors have trouble treating. The American Medical Association estimates that 60 percent of patients that seek medical help are really suffering from an emotional problem — not a physical one. I would guess that a large percentage of that 60 percent have PTSD. PTSD appears in the population at 8 percent at any given time. This means that as you read this article, there are 38,000 adults in the Quad Cities suffering from untreated or inappropriately treated PTSD.

Until now PTSD and acute stress have been treated in private practice settings by providers who know a little about these disorders — just as they know a little about many other disorders. Most providers are very comfortable offering a wide spectrum of services — counseling for depression, anxiety, relationships, parenting, addiction and ADHD just to name a few. Generalists have been the backbone of the mental health system.

A new clinic, Quad City Trauma Center, is devoted solely to the treatment of PTSD. They offer a 4-session model of treatment that has shown, over the past 13 years, to be very effective.

If you’d like more information about Quad City Trauma Center, please call 563-424-1152 or visit the website at qctc.net.

Rick Martenson is a licensed mental health counselor in the State of Iowa and can be reached at QC Counselor, 2028 East 38th St., Ste. 3, Davenport, Iowa. Call 563-424-2016, fax: 563-424-2017, or visit www.qccounselor.com.

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