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Planning to LIVE


Submitted by Bond for Life Wellness and Nutrition Powered by CrossFit Bond

Every year at this time, I am reminded that one more year has passed. As you get older, you make bigger financial commitments. One of those financial decisions is whether or not to have life insurance and how much.

Life insurance has been at the forefront of our minds and we have done a lot of reading about how life insurance works. None of the details really matter except one: life insurance is not for you, it’s for your family. You don’t get to use the money, but it provides your family with financial security. The money comes after something bad happens.

I recently had a cup of coffee with a friend and she was talking about her life plan, which involved making good decisions to help her live as long as possible. This conversation wasn’t about planning for bad events, rather preserving the good things. She was planning to live instead of planning to die. What an amazing idea!

While we can’t prevent bad events from happening, when it comes to our health, there is a lot we can do to improve it and extend our life.
If you’re reading this, you have an interest in your health. This means you are at least thinking about prevention through building muscle, strengthening bones, improving blood work, reducing stress, and eliminating fat. These are all things that will help you plan to live.

The issue is that exercise isn’t enough. If you are trapped in a room with two zombies, and you kill one, do you still have a problem? The answer is chasing you! Health and wellness are the same thing. While exercise is one piece of the puzzle, 80 percent of your efforts should be spent on proper nutrition and diet. You can kill both zombies through proper training and nutrition.

If you work out and eat better, you are going to set yourself up for success and prevent disease. It’s not easy, but nothing in life that’s worth achieving is. When you eat well without exercise or train well but eat poorly, you still have part of your problems.

Be committed planning to live and to killing both zombies.

You should probably look into life insurance and plan to take care of your family after you are gone, but before you do, I encourage you to focus on improving and preserving your health first through proper nutrition and exercise.

Live active, train hard, and optimize your diet. Do everything you can to lead a long and healthy life! We are excited to offer our most comprehensive nutrition and fitness program. Come SWEAT with us! SWEAT Bootcamp is a great way to get started in functional fitness without the fear of the “barbell.” Email heather@crossfitbond.com to schedule your free trial class!

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