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Outpatient Total Joint Replacement at Crow Valley Surgery Center


Submitted by Crow Valley Surgery Center

Rock Island native and former St. Ambrose Bee collegiate baseball player, Tim Carlin, 57, knew a family history of osteoarthritis could mean mid-life joint pain, but thanks to advancements in total joint replacement surgical techniques and treatments, Tim’s total hip replacement has been a different experience than his parents’ and grandparents’ joint surgeries.

“I love to hike, power walk, golf, and lift weights,” says Tim, who lives a full life of both play and work, serving as part owner of Carlin Automation, Inc. “In my youth, I played both baseball and basketball at Iowa Western Community College and then baseball at St. Ambrose. Athletics are still a big part of my life, and a sore left hip wasn’t going to stop me.”

Tim’s passion for life, along with a genetic predisposition to arthritis, brought him to ORA Orthopedics in his mid-50s for a solution. “Both my parents and grandparents had hip and knee replacements, and I figured it was only a matter of time for me.” Tim’s predictions were correct. “Last summer, I had persistent pain in my left hip and a noticeable limp.”

ORA Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Lindaman, determined Tim had end stage, bone-on-bone degenerative joint disease. “He was very frustrated, and because Tim’s an active person and in great shape, he was an excellent candidate for outpatient joint surgery.” Dr. Lindaman is one of 11 ORA surgeons performing total joint arthroplasty at ORA’s Crow Valley Surgery Center, located on the second floor of ORA’s Bettendorf clinic on 53rd Avenue. The CVSC is the only outpatient surgery center in the Quad Cities dedicated to orthopedics performing outpatient total joint surgery.

Dr. Lindaman says advancements in surgical techniques and anesthesia have reduced total joint surgery operating times nearly in half, to about 90 minutes or less. Overnight stays at CVSC are now fewer than 23 hours, instead of several days in a traditional hospital setting. Better pain management also results in a more comfortable recovery.

The CVSC’s entire approach and design is built around patient-centered and customized care. “We develop a personal care plan for each patient,” explains CVSC Administrative Director, Meg Wiebel. “Our patients meet their entire team so they know what to expect before, during, and after surgery, as well as any physical therapy plans for rehab. We want patients to feel at home, no matter how long (or short) their stay.”

“I felt supported and at ease at CVSC,” attests Tim. “From the very start, I met my entire surgical and rehab team, and they stayed with me throughout the entire process. They truly operate as one unit.” After his procedure, he stayed overnight in one of six CVSC short-stay suites. “I even got to select a meal from the menu of a local restaurant, and it was delivered to me that evening!” Family members are also encouraged (but not required) to stay en suite with comfortable pullout beds in the same room. “Our goal is to absolutely do our best for every single patient under our care,” affirms Meg. Tim agrees. “Overall, thanks to the team, I am back to doing the activities I enjoy most.” Meg also notes that outpatient options typically result in less expensive healthcare costs and less exposure to infections, compared to traditional hospital stays. The facility is accredited by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.) and meets all rigorous federal, state, and local laws and standards.

Prospective patients are encouraged to confer with their ORA physician to determine if they are candidates for outpatient total joint surgery. “Overall, patients will be considered for outpatient total joint replacement at Crow Valley Surgery Center if they are in good health. At ORA, we consider each patient’s individual health, lifestyle, home support, and risk factors to determine the safest course and place for surgery,” says Dr. Lindaman.

For more information about ORA’s Total Joint Center of Excellence and the Crow Valley Surgery Center, log on to qcora.com or