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One Step Closer: HCR ManorCare Gets QC Patients Back to Independence


U.S. Marine veteran Larry Garmoe, 66, Taylor Ridge, IL, knows a thing or two about adversity after serving in both the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. The retired West Burlington, IA, police officer suffered two strokes in the past year, but every day gets him closer to reaching his goal of getting home and back to life. “I am doing great,” says Larry, as he performs exercises to regain his balance as well as rehabilitate both sides of his body. “He really is making good progress,” affirms his wife Rexann Garmoe, who is by Larry’s side every step of the way.

Larry’s certified occupational therapy assistant, Betty Heinold, HCR ManorCare, says new stroke therapies such as electrical stimulation, which uses a gentle electrical current to retrain muscle movement, can make a huge difference to stroke patients like Larry. “I’ve seen patients with limp wrists, who can be waving their arms after working through this therapy. It’s very rewarding to help patients get back home and independent as possible, and patients like Larry are just great to work with.”

HCR ManorCare’s three Quad City area locations offer skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, and provide a comprehensive array of specialized rehabilitation therapies designed to ensure patients recovering from an illness, injury, or who are overcoming other physical challenges, can be as independent as possible. Patients who have been discharged from a hospital may not be ready to return home immediately. In those crucial weeks after hospitalization, a rehabilitation plan can make all the difference to a speedy recovery. Heartland Health Care Center Moline Admissions Director, Ann Sieprawski, says state-of-the art therapies and a caring professional staff ensure patients get home as quickly as possible. “On average, local patients in the Quad City area who chose us for rehabilitation services stay from 12-18 days, and 90 percent of our rehab patients will return home after completing the prescribed therapies.”

Recovery is a challenging process, but the goal to independent living starts with customized care. “We tailor post-hospital care to the needs of the individual patient,” says Ann. Recovery begins in HCR ManorCare’s state-of-the-art rehab gym, where teams treat patients recovering from a variety of conditions including orthopedic injuries, stroke and neurological, cardiac, oncology, and pulmonary issues. “Our patients set their specific goals, and we help to achieve them.”

Ann explains that independent living is something we may take for granted, and involves strength and stamina people may not be aware of. “For example, did you know a single person does up to four loads of laundry a week? Or, that a full plastic grocery bag can weigh over ten pounds? When a person loses strength or mobility, it can affect their ability to just complete every day tasks like walking across the street, walking up the steps to their front door, or preparing a simple meal.

“We provide proven rehabilitation services that include physical, occupational, intravenous, and speech therapies so every patient is able to regain as much independence as possible,” she explains. And for those who are not able to eventually return home, HCR ManorCare offers longer-term residential options for patients who may need them.

HCR ManorCare’s rehab services include the use of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, surface electromyography (sEMG), biofeedback, and diathermy equipment (which uses deep heat to increase blood flow while reducing pain and inflammation). HCR ManorCare also uses advanced virtual reality technology for physical therapy (OmniVR), as well as advanced imaging technologies for intensive speech therapy (Synchrony).

While HCR ManorCare employs the latest technological breakthroughs in therapy, it is the dedicated and caring staff family members appreciate. “The staff is just excellent, and we’d recommend HCR ManorCare to anyone,” says Rexann Garmoe. Another patient’s spouse appreciates the friendship and inspirational support along with the family friendly atmosphere. “Everyone just smiles, and you can feel the warmth and caring here,” says Howard Vandersluis, whose wife, Sandra, is recovering from a broken ankle, “I can visit any time, day or night; and the food is good, too!”

The staff’s dedication is what makes HCR ManorCare a supportive place to not only help patients get back on their feet, but it’s also a meaningful workplace to build a career. “Many of our staff have dedicated their entire careers at one HCR ManorCare location or another,” says Ann. “These are our own employees, many who’ve been with us for decades.” Ann adds that almost half of the patients who come to HCR ManorCare have been there before and were satisfied with the service they received previously. “Eighty percent of patients who choose us for rehab would recommend our services to others.”

For certified occupational therapist Steve Petri, a ten-year veteran at HCR ManorCare, he takes pride in his professional career, and is inspired by the patients themselves. “We have to maintain our continuing education for occupational practitioners,” explains Steve. “I’ve been practicing 18 years–ten years here at Heartland Health Care Center. It is a great company that provides the best care for their patients. I really enjoy my job. It’s wonderful getting to know the patients and sharing their life stories, and they are inspirational to me, too!”

Steve assists Moline resident Amy Thomas, 59, who broke her leg after suffering a blood clot that caused her to pass out and fall. “I have been here for almost a month, and I can already tell how much stronger I am,” says Amy. Adds Steve, “Her endurance and strength have improved. In addition to Amy’s goals of getting home, she wants to strengthen her upper body, so we’re working with various exercises to build muscles, as well as get her back walking again on her healing leg.”

“I am retired and on disability, but I like being independent, and my family depends on me,” says Amy. “I enjoy running my mom’s errands – I need to be strong to take care of her. I also have grandchildren I babysit, and I pick up a granddaughter from school. Heartland Health Care Center has been real good to me.” Amy, who is proud of her progress, shows everyone a cast that was signed by the Heartland Health Care Center staff as she eagerly looks forward to going home soon.

Ann puts her career and the staff’s dedication into perspective, “What we do is meaningful work. We often see our patients at their most vulnerable, yet their strength to return home inspires us to make sure they get there.”

HCR ManorCare Offers Convenient and Comprehensive Care

Quad Citians have three locations to choose from when considering post-hospital rehabilitation, physical therapy, or occupational therapy options:

Heartland Health Care Center–Moline

833 Sixteenth Ave., Moline, IL 61265

ManorCare Health Services–Davenport
815 East Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803

ManorCare Health Services–Utica Ridge
3800 Commerce Blvd., Davenport, IA 52807

Most rehabilitative therapies are reimbursed by Medicare and private insurance companies. For more information about HCR ManorCare’s focused rehabilitation services, please contact the admissions team at the most convenient location for you. Visit HCR ManorCare online at heartland-manorcare.com.