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Oh No! My Hearing Aid Just Went Through the Washer! Now What Do I Do?


By Emily Steffel, Au.D., CCC-A, Audiology Consultants, P.C.

If your hearing aid has gone through the washer (or has merely gotten wet) here is what to do:

  1. If it is still wet, dry off the outside well with a clean dry cloth.
    • Do not open the battery door until you have fully dried off the outside! You may short out the electronics inside.
  2. Once the outside is dried off well, you should open the battery door and remove the battery.
  3. Next, put the hearing aid in  desiccant container, such as a Dry Caddy or a Dry and Store, overnight to pull any remain-ing moisture out of the hearing aid.

    • If you don’t have one, bring the  hearing aid to your local audiologistand they can dry it out for you there.

    • In a pinch (late at night or on a weekend), you can wrap the hearing aid in a clean dry tissue, then put it in a baggy of dry rice until 
      you can get it to your audiologist. Never put it in rice without a tissue around it, the rice starch can damage the hearing aid.

  4. If the hearing aid is not working, it will need to be repaired at the manufacturer; bring the hearing aid to your audiologist, who can send it in for you (if the hearing aid is not under warranty there will be a charge for the repair).

    • Even if it is working, you may still opt to have it sent in to ensure the internal components have not been damaged by the water.

  5. Once the hearing aid is dry (and back from any repair), take steps to help ensure the issue will not be repeated.
    • Put up reminders in your house to remember to put the hearing aids in their case.
    • Never put the hearing aids in your pocket unless they are in their case.
    • Get in the habit of removing everything from your pockets when changing clothing.
    • Check the pockets before putting clothing in the washer.
    • Carry your case with you when out and about (in case of sudden rainstorms).
    • Put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror to remind you to take them out before hopping in the shower.

    If you have questions about this article or your hearing health, please feel free to contact Audiology Consultants at 563-355-7712 or visit audiologyconsultants.com.