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By Heather Sandy, MA, CCC-A

Hearing loss is the third-most-common physical condition behind arthritis and heart disease. Approximately 48 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss. While age is the strongest predictor of hearing loss, you may be surprised to know that over half of Americans with hearing loss are under the age of 65.

In response to this significant public health issue, National Audiology Awareness Month in October is the perfect time to think about our hearing health!

An audiologist is a licensed and clinically experienced healthcare professional who specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating people with hearing loss. After a diagnostic evaluation, your audiologist will discuss the results with you and recommend any appropriate follow up. If any potential medical concern is noted, we may recommend you see your primary care physician or an ear, nose, and throat physician. If hearing aids are appropriate for you, your audiologist is an expert in the selection and fitting of appropriate hearing aids.

In today’s world, there are many avenues to purchasing hearing aids. Please remember this: success with hearing aids is more than just purchasing a device. You will have an ongoing relationship with your hearing aid provider; choose wisely! The cost of hearing aids may seem to vary widely, but make sure to consider the services being provided as part of your investment. We believe face-to-face care is important. We truly want to see you succeed. Follow up appointments for cleanings, fine-tuning, or simply asking questions will likely be needed over time.

Now is a great time to have your hearing checked! Every Tuesday in October, we will be offering free hearing screenings at all Audiology Consultants’ offices from 1:00 to 3:00pm.

A hearing screening will test your ability to hear different sounds. If you pass the screening, your hearing is in the normal range. If you do not pass, you should consider a full hearing evaluation with an audiologist. If you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss and are considering purchasing hearing aids, we would be honored to guide you on your path to better hearing!

If you have questions about this article or your hearing health, please feel free to contact Audiology Consultants at
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