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Nothing Is More Important Than Taking the Next Breath


Submitted by MyoTech Integrative Health Center

Isn’t it strange how most people think that everything else is more important than breathing? People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on all aspects of health, beauty, clothes, motor cars, holidays, and food and never for one moment think that their breathing might also appreciate a little love and attention.

  • Have you ever wondered what makes you breathe?
  • Have you ever wondered what happens when you breathe?
  • Have you ever bothered to check to see if you’re breathing efficiently?

After all — most people are breathing around 30,000 breaths every day of their lives.

Doesn’t it make sense to see whether you’re doing it correctly — or could be breathing better?
You can now do this quickly and simply at the Breathing and Sleep Division of MyoTech Integrative Health. Dr. David Jarrin and his team have completed an intensive Breathing Retraining Program and will be able to show you a graphic picture of your breathing, breath-by-breath, in as little as five minutes.

Did you know?

  • Breathing through your mouth is completely abnormal unless you are under an extreme physical challenge.
  • Breathing through your mouth affects every part of your body, is a major cause of crooked teeth, and many sleep and other health disorders.
  • The movement of your diaphragm when you breathe affects every organ in your body, including your brain, heart, and lungs.
  • You can have close to 99 percent of oxygen in your blood yet have very little released to your cells, causing you to wake exhausted even though you have slept for eight to nine hours.
  • Breathing is not about oxygen alone — breathing is wholly dependent on carbon dioxide in the lungs.
  • There are 5,416 species of mammals on earth and they all sleep with their mouths closed.
  • Man is the only mammal that breathes through its mouth when asleep.

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