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New Practice Features Familiar Faces


Have you heard about the new plastic surgeon in town? Probably not, mostly because he’s been an integral member of a well-respected and successful practice since 2004. However, Dr. Chad Tattini is excited to be serving patients with a new team at a new location at Plastic Surgery Associates, a combined practice of Dr. Chad Tattini, MD, Plastic Surgery and Serenity MedSpa. “I left a great team and still have a great relationship with the staff and doctors there,” he says. “But I was ready for the challenge and excitement of a fresh start.”

All Things New
Dr. Tattini’s new practice offers a one-stop shop, so to speak, for patients who desire a wide variety of services for looking and feeling their best. As a plastic surgeon, he performs a full range of cosmetic procedures for the face, body, and breast, from facelifts and nose jobs to tummy tucks and liposuction to breast enlargement and reconstruction. He’s especially excited to offer patients the ease and convenience of an in-office surgical suite and recovery room.

He also has a new partnership with Serenity MedSpa, which offers a diverse amount of non-surgical technology such as facial injectables, body contouring, skin tightening, laser hair removal, Morpheus 8, microneedling, diamond glow, PDO Threads,  IPL and VotivaTM. “Serenity has been around a long time in Bloomington-Normal,” says Dr. Tattini. “They have a great reputation and have one of the largest ‘menus’ of treatments around.” The partnership with Dr. Tattini makes this Serenity’s first permanent satellite site in the community.

Patients also benefit from having both the plastic surgeon and Serenity in one location, as they consult as a team to best provide what the patient wants or needs. When non-surgical options have done all they can, Dr. Tattini can offer the next step in surgical options. On the other hand, surgical patients get a complementary visit to Serenity to help patients recover well and maintain their new look. “It’s very much a team approach for helping patients get the results they desire,” Dr. Tattini says.

Serenity has two full-time staff on location who are happy to help clients find the right treatment for their specific needs. Candy Slagel is the Serenity MedSpa Branch Manager and provides initial and follow-up customer service and product consultations. “I’m honored to provide the utmost in customer care to our clients that entices them to come back again and again.”

Nicole Pride is the medical aesthetician/laser technician for Serenity MedSpa’s services based in Dr. Tattini’s office. She delivers skin care treatments and counsels patients before and after surgery, working with Dr. Tattini to develop comprehensive treatment plans to provide optimal outcomes. Nicole is excited to have a close working relationship with a trusted (and “one of the Midwest’s best”) plastic surgeon to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

Serenity MedSpa is proud to donate a percentage of their profit in support a charity that fights sex-trafficking—making beauty not only an aesthetic practice, but an altruistic one as well.

Dr. Tattini’s surgical team members are also new to the practice. Elizabeth Riddle, RN, is a perioperative nurse who assists in all three phases of surgery (pre-op, surgery, and recovery), as well as a clinic nurse who assists in seeing patients for pre- and post-operative appointments, consultations, and injections. “I get to see the surgical cosmetic patients through their whole process. I love being able to see the results—it is so rewarding to see the patients looking and feeling their best.” Very soon, Elizabeth will be helping ease Dr. Tattini’s hectic schedule by doing both Botox® and filler injections.

Seeing the changes in patients is also rewarding for Michelle Jurgelas, surgical technologist. Her role has allowed her to expand her knowledge of plastic surgery, as well as learn patient care outside the operating room. “Seeing the transformations has been so amazing!” she adds.

Kyle Myers, office manager and cosmetic coordinator agrees, adding “I love watching the transformation in people. Not only physically, but with their self-esteem. It is so fun to help people look good and feel better!” Rounding out the team is Kim Wilson who is also experienced in the medical field as a CNA and serves as the front desk person.

Members of Vitalz Anesthesia Group join the doctor and nurses as needed on surgery days to complete the team.

Location, Location, Location
Dr. Tattini’s “fresh start” is located in a very convenient location at 902 N. Hershey Road in Bloomington. Dr. Tattini is the sole surgeon in the almost 4000 square foot building, which gives patients a lot more privacy and less distractions to deal with. The facility offers a quiet, calm, peaceful setting. Rather than going to a general surgical center or hospital where other patients are present for a variety of procedures, patients at Chad Tattini, MD, Plastic Surgery can park right outside the door and walk into the reception area—no stairs, no elevators, or lengthy treks from a parking lot or parking deck.

Getting in the front door with ease is just the beginning of the advantages of the updated facility. “We have a private consultation room where I can meet with patients prior to any examination—which is nice. It allows me to find out what the patient needs and wants in a more casual, less ‘exam-like’ setting,” explains Dr. Tattini.

The exam rooms themselves have a special feature that enables him to “morph” photos of the patient’s body images to show them what the results might look like after surgery. “This Vectra 3D Camera technology—which I believe is only available in central Illinois at our practice—is really a great tool for patient education and expectations,” he says. “I can use the program to show them what their breasts would look like with different size implants, or how their saddlebags or love handles would look after a standard liposuction surgery.”

Cosmetic procedures will be done in the state-of-the-art, on-site operating room in a very private and confidential setting. With the private exit door on the side of the building, Dr. Tattini states, “They can leave out the side door and go directly to their waiting vehicle without having to go through the waiting room or any other public areas.”

The consultation rooms, operating room, and conference room, which seats 10 at the table with room for even more around the perimeter if needed, are all equipped with Apple TVs and iPads, so any type of education or technological assistance is available immediately.

The conference room is going to be used in a variety of ways, including business after hours/VIP receptions that will include hors d’oeuvres such as wine and cheese, a short lecture on injectables by Dr. Tattini, a tour of the facility, and the opportunity for each guest to try an injectable procedure at a discounted rate. “It’s a way for business owners to treat their VIPs for a fun night out,” he explains.

Some Things Stay the Same
Although almost everything to do with his practice is new, one thing remains the same: Dr. Tattini is happy to be here at home in Bloomington-Normal. “I grew up here, attended Normal Community High School and Illinois Wesleyan University,” he explains. His educational path took him to both coasts: Brown University in Rhode Island for his plastic surgery residency and brief rotations in Miami and Beverly Hills. He returned to his roots in 2004 to begin his medical practice.

Dr. Tattini and his wife, Trisha, who is also from the area, have raised their three children here. Their oldest, Tanner, lives and works for a computer firm in the Chicago area with his wife and son, Theo. Daughter Madison attends the University of Utah as a pre-vet student and is a successful PAC-12 tennis player. Their youngest son, Trey, is a senior at Central Catholic High School and wants to study law. The family enjoys doing a variety of activities together, especially traveling around the world.

When not traveling, they work together caring for their half-acre vineyard/winery and helping Trisha with her state-accredited wildlife rescue program and managing the family business of Tattini Boots, an Italian-made dressage/equestrian footwear, to 29 different retail stores across the country. Dr. Tattini also plays the drums, paints oil/canvas landscapes, and enjoys participating in Spartan races—when he has the time. They all are very active for various Make-A-Wish and St. Jude activities in the community as well.

Free time has been in short supply for the past year, though. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, and perhaps in some ways because of it, Dr. Tattini has been the busiest he’s ever been. “The change to a new practice, facility, and team has been very timely,” he says. “Traditionally the biggest competitor for cosmetic plastic surgery has been the patient’s job—people aren’t always willing or able to take 1–2 weeks off work to heal from surgery.”

But with the shelter-in-place mandates and work-from-home options, people have a) more discretionary income because they didn’t or couldn’t take vacations or do other things that they may have spent time and money doing, plus they might be ready for a change and b) working from home enables them to take a few days off for the surgery and recovery, then continue to recuperate and heal and still work. They are also likely to have their spouse at home to help as well. “Oddly enough,” says Dr. Tattini, “plastic surgery across the board has increased due to the pandemic.”

Chad Tattini, MD, Plastic Surgery and Serenity MedSpa have combined their well-respected practices and strong reputations to serve people from Bloomington-Normal and beyond. “We have people come to us from all over the state, and even out of state,” he says. Obviously, making patients happy with great results is the best way to launch a new practice.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Tattini’s office at or 309.664-1007.