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New Milestone in Carpal Tunnel Release – Simplest Yet


Submitted by Orthopaedic Specialists

Dr. Tyson Cobb, a pioneer in the field of Hand Surgery, is the first surgeon in the state of Iowa to perform a new method of Carpal Tunnel Release using ultrasound guidance in the office setting. The method was recently developed by a team of surgeons including Dr. Cobb through the Mayo Clinic which utilizes a new retractable-blade knife and ultrasound guided technology.

According to Cobb, the new method is “safe, effective and ideal for patients looking for a simple minimally invasive procedure.  It’s also ideal for those who fail medical clearance for a formal surgical facility. It allows us to perform a simple office based procedure similar to what you might have at a dental office.”  The patient is wide-awake during the entire procedure with the use of only a local anesthetic.

The new procedure is referred to as Ultrasound-Guided Microinvasive Carpal Tunnel Release.  The surgeon uses an ultrasound machine to identify key anatomic structures.  Once he has safely identified the nerves and ligaments, the surgeon inserts the narrow SX-One MicroKnife into the wrist canal under ultrasound guidance.  The incision site is smaller than that of a No. 2 pencil and requires no stitches.

The SX-One Microknife developed by Sonex Health is the device that makes this procedure possible.  Its design comes with several safety features including a retractable blade which returns to the shaft after being deployed, and inflatable bumpers which push important structures out of harm’s way. More information on the device can be found on their website at www.sonexhealth.com.

Dr. Tyson Cobb recently performed seven successful procedures in the clinic at Orthopaedic Specialists in Davenport, IA with the aid of the surgeons team from the Mayo clinic.  Although this new procedure is similar to Dr. Cobb’s other minimally invasive approach to Carpal Tunnel Release, it presents a new opportunity to those who would like an office procedure or those who fail medical clearance for traditional anesthesia.  Ultrasound Guided Microinvasive Carpal Tunnel Release is safe and allows for faster recovery compared to standard surgical procedures.  The patient leaves the office with a Band-Aid and a small bandage wrap around their wrist.

Dr. Cobb frequently performs free screenings and educational clinics for carpal tunnel syndrome in Davenport and Clinton.  For more information call 563-344-9292