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New Dental Implant Allows Eating an Apple Before Leaving the Office!


By Jeffrey Jones, DDS

People want things done right now! I know I do. Can you blame us?

It doesn’t matter if it’s checking out at the grocery store or going to a doctor. Everyone wants speed and convenience. The dentist and dental implants are no different, and now a new game-changing generation of dental implant called Ultratooth has come onto the scene.
Ultratooth allows for full function and immediate loading at the time of placement. Let me say that in English: you can have your tooth extracted, an Ultratooth implant placed, and have a tooth placed on it, all in the same appointment. Then before you leave the office, eat an apple directly on the new tooth.

In situations where the tooth has been extracted in the past, an Ultratooth and the tooth on top can be placed during the same appointment. Then, once again, eat the apple before leaving!

Pretty good, huh?

Maybe it should be named AppleTooth.

In the past, a traditional dental implant would have to heal for approximately four to six months before it could be loaded with a tooth or other dental device.

Interestingly, for a “game changing” new product, there are 27 years of clinical and scientific data already collected on Ultratooth. It is the first dental implant FDA approved for immediate loading and full function. The reason Ultratooth can be fully loaded at the time of placement is because of its unique design, often referred to as the “Eiffel Tower” effect. The four “legs” of the Ultratooth implant expand and engage into the surrounding bone, achieving a tight mechanical lock. Think of the simple red drywall plug that a person puts a metal screw into, expanding the drywall plug and holding up a heavy family picture frame on the living room wall.

The surgical placement of the Ultratooth dental implant causes only minor discomfort, similar to having a tooth removed. Post-operative discomfort is controlled with the use of prescription medicine. Depending on the extent of the procedure, many people return to work the same day. Most patients report that they were much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated.

Most dentists recommend patients have a family member or friend participate in discussions with the dental surgeon, which most patients find very beneficial. Not all situations can be treated with an Ultratooth. However, Ultratooth has very wide application. As with all dental implants, an x-ray will be taken to evaluate the available bone needed to hold the implant.

Modern dental implant treatment is highly successful and, as a general guideline, success rates of the Ultratooth are over 95 percent with the lower jaw (mandible) and about 90 percent with upper jaw (maxilla). Despite the overall high success rates with dental implant treatment in general, there is still the small possibility of failure, which can be contributed to by various factors and conditions, such as poor natural healing power, poor bone quality, smoking, diabetes, heavy grinding, and most important of all — poor oral hygiene.

Another Ultratooth advantage is that the bone around the implant is safely compacted into stronger bone. Amazingly, neighboring loose teeth tighten! Can you imagine the worry from having loose teeth; wondering if and when they might be lost? Then you have an Ultratooth placed next to them and they aren’t loose anymore. Awesome! 

Modern dental science continues to advance, developing faster, easier, and more convenient solutions. Once in a while, revolutionary progress is made.

Ultratooth: a true game changer in dental implants.

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