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National Nurses Week: Celebrating the Compassionate Faces Behind Expert Care


Submitted by Mississippi Valley Surgery Center and Endoscopy Center

Caring, specialized training, and experience — these are just some of the many qualities patients look for at the heart of nursing. Nurses make the difference in patient care in communities all around the world through their compassion and knowledge. But what makes these individuals so dedicated to their profession? It’s simple: a desire to help others.

At Mississippi Valley Surgery Center and Endoscopy Center, we believe healthcare professionals are at the heart of our mission — excellence in care and service. We are committed to providing comfortable and safe surroundings that promote healing. We’re also committed to creating an environment where our professional healthcare experts make good things happen every day for our patients and loved ones.

To honor hard-working nurses as well as all the healthcare professionals that make a difference to so many, the American Nursing Association (ANA) sets aside May 6 to 12 as National Nurses Week.

We sat down with Gina State, Lead Operating Room Nurse for the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center, and Jody Scott, Lead Nurse for the Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center, to learn why they chose a career in nursing, what keeps them passionate about their work, and how advances in outpatient procedures are positively impacting their profession.

Why did you become a nurse?
Gina discovered her calling after watching nurses care for her sick grandmother in the hospital. It was their expertise and compassion that inspired her to follow in their footsteps. “What struck me most about that experience at such a young age was how much the nurses cared for my grandmother and spent so much time with us. It truly made all the difference,” says Gina. “They empowered us with their knowledge and made the whole situation more tolerable.”

According to Jody, becoming a nurse meant becoming a support system for others. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people,” says Jody. “I want to be there for people in their deepest time of need.”

This desire to help and bring comfort is something that comes from deep within. When that motivation is coupled with the highest patient care standards like those at Mississippi Valley Surgery Center and Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center, the results show. Both centers are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). The accreditation certificate is a symbol that an organization is committed to providing high-quality health care and that it has demonstrated that commitment by measuring up to the Accreditation Association’s high standards. Standards such as these make our facilities an ideal work setting for those wishing to excel in their healthcare career.

What do you like most about being a nurse at Mississippi Valley Surgery Center and Endoscopy Center?
“I put myself in my patient’s shoes to understand what information the patient and their family need to know, and that’s very important to how we work here,” says Gina. “It’s so rewarding when I get a sincere thank you from a patient or family member. That’s how I know I’m making an impact.”

According to Jody, she receives as much as she gives in nursing. “It’s hard to explain, but when you’re working with people in moments when they are experiencing struggle or hurt, it’s so powerful,” says Jody. “Their strength is so powerful that it stays with me and makes me a better and more compassionate person.”

Physicians from a variety of practices choose to perform their outpatient procedures at the Surgery Center and Endoscopy Center. Because the team specializes in outpatient surgeries and procedures, they are experts in the latest, proven techniques that lead to better outcomes and faster recovery. In addition, on-going staff and team development is important at both centers. This allows healthcare professionals to grow and challenge themselves.

Because each outpatient procedure can be vastly different, Mississippi Valley Surgery Center is a unique environment where learning and communication are at the forefront of everyday work life. Gina says helping patients and their families understand their particular situation is one of the most rewarding parts of her job. “We work together as a team with the goal of being better for our patients,” said Gina. “If we are helping each other, it’s easier for us to help our patients.”

How is the profession of nursing changing?
According to Jody, the nursing field has become more specialized. “Specialization has become very important in the field,” says Jody. “Being specialized allows our team at Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center to be effective and provide excellence in care.”

Gina believes that advancements in minimally invasive procedures are changing nursing in a positive way.“Because of advances in our procedures, we are able to get patients in and out much faster. They are resting at home in no time,” says Gina. “This has caused us to really step up our communication and teamwork as a staff.”

Gina and Jody are just a couple members of the expert nursing staff you will meet on your next visit to Mississippi Valley Surgery Center or Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center in Davenport. If you know a nurse, take time during the month of May to celebrate all they do for our community.

For more information about Mississippi Valley Surgery Center and Endoscopy Center, visit www.mvhealth.net. For more information about National Nurses Week, visit https://info.nursingworld.org/nationalnursesweek2018/.