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Mom of Two Loses Weight, Yet Gains So Much More!


By Kristi Diehl
Submitted by Pamela Klim, Advocare Independent Distributor

My name is Kristi Diehl, and I live in Geneseo, Illinois. A year and a half ago, I found myself an exhausted and overweight stay-at-home mom of two little boys. I needed to lose weight and I needed energy. I was introduced to a program through some trusted friends, one of whom is a registered nurse, and I began my journey. I started the program, which consists of high-quality nutritional supplements along with a healthy eating regimen that guides a person to success in reaching their goals.

The first thing I noticed as I began was how amazing I felt! I finally had the energy that I had so desperately needed to keep up with my children. My weight and inches began changing immediately, as well! I am happy to say that in my first 24 days, I lost 12 pounds and 14 inches, which inspired me to continue and adopt the lifestyle of optimal health and wellness. I continued using the supplement regimen, and lost a grand total of 47 pounds in 5 months! I have transformed from a very tired, out-of-shape size 18, to a fit, energetic size 8!

The entire experience has been transforming on many levels. What I have gained from losing weight and inches is an increased confidence, and the ability to live life to the fullest with my husband and children. I have even begun a Crossfit Training regimen for my exercise program, which I never would have considered had I not seen what was possible once my program. I’m so excited about living a lifestyle that I can pass along to my children and others.

Pamela Klim is an Advocare Independent Distributor residing in Bettendorf, Iowa. Pam’s passion is helping others achieve optimal health and wellness, weight loss, and/or sports performance with Advocare.  Founded in 1993, they have set the industry standard for safety testing and cutting-edge science, using only the highest quality raw materials obtainable to make their supplements. Advocare’s full-spectrum line of supplements are for men, women, and athletes, and cover everything from weight loss, energy and mental focus, and sports performance to overall general health and wellness. They have been designed for anyone who wants to feel better, look better, and perform better every day. Pam also helps others share the products and pursue the Advocare income opportunity. For more information, please contact Pam at 563-940-2295. Email: klimwellness@gmail.com. Website: www.advocare.com/03034246.

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