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Moisture Affecting Your Hearing Aid?


By Laura Mergen, Au.D., CCC-A, Clinical Audiologist

Question: I sweat a lot. Is it safe for me to wear hearing aids? Won’t the moisture get in and destroy the electronics?

Answer: You’re right! Just like with any electronic device, moisture is bad for your hearing aids if it gets inside. There are two things we can do to avoid problems: prevent moisture from getting into the hearing aids, and remove any moisture that makes it inside.

Most new hearing aids are treated with a protective coating that helps to prevent moisture from getting inside. Some hearing aids have special gaskets and seals for even more protection. For people who tend to perspire heavily or have concerns about getting their hearing aids wet, an additional layer of protection can be added to behind-the-ear style hearing aids by using products like the Hearing Aid Sweat Band or Ear Gear Armor. These products are special fabric sleeves that fit over the hearing aids to protect them from moisture and dirt.

To remove moisture once it is inside the hearing aids, different products use warm air or a desiccant, which is a special material that absorbs moisture. These products will work for both behind-the-ear and in-the-ear style hearing aids. Products like the Hearing Aid Saver and Dry Caddy use a desiccant that is either replaced or dried out and used again. Other products, like the Dry & Store, use a desiccant in addition to warm air. Some models even have a UV light, which sanitizes your hearing aids.

Keeping moisture out of your hearing aids is important. If you have concerns about moisture affecting your hearing aids, be sure to talk to your audiologist. If you have any questions about this article or your hearing health, please feel free to contact Audiology Consultants at 563-355-7712.

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