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Migun Therapy: A Great Option During COVID


Submitted by Aches Away

Do you suffer from chronic pain, high blood pressure, lack of energy, problems sleeping, high stress levels, or digestive problems?  These conditions are very common and while they may not be life-threatening, they certainly impact our quality of life. If we don’t feel our best, it’s hard to live our best life.

There is a new technology called Migun Therapy that can help with many of these conditions. It has almost unlimited health benefits while being completely safe with no side effects. This FDA cleared class II medical device represents the fusion of acupressure, acupuncture, heat-therapy, chiropractic, and massage and is designed to treat many different kinds of pain, including those resulting from both acute and chronic conditions—and it’s completely contact-free.

The Migun table is great for anyone who is suffering from aches and pains and can also be used for relaxation and stress reduction. It is a fantastic alternative for those that want treatment, but have not had success or were not comfortable receiving massage from a massage therapist. It is also a good alternative before or after a hands-on massage session to help with relaxation due to its calming and warming effect on the body. Migun tables are especially beneficial for individuals suffering from back injuries, low back pain, and the resulting dysfunction of nerve impingement in the spine.

Following are some of the benefits of Migun Table Session Using Far Infrared Heat:

  • decrease stiffness & swelling in joints
  • reduce stress
  • increase blood flow
  • release of toxins
  • reduce pain sensation and chronic pain
  • lower blood pressure
  • better sleep quality
  • reduced digestive disorders

So how does it work?  According to Migun, Inc., “The patented jade massage heads are placed in a specific measurement to help stimulate better blood flow and nerve conduction along your spine which helps to stimulate your autonomic nervous system deep within your body. Your autonomic nervous system controls all the functions and things that happen in your body that you don’t think about. Things such as blood pressure, blood glucose regulation, digestion, bladder function, breathing, and much more. Studies conducted at the University of California Irvine and reports from customers show improvement in chronic pain levels, lower blood pressure, and better regulation of blood glucose levels for type 2 diabetes, more energy, improved sleep, and less digestive problems.”

When you use the Migun table, you will feel the Jade stones running up and down your spine and along your calf muscles as the table runs through a 35-minute session. If the table is working too deep, there are cushions that can be used to decrease direct pressure. Every individual is different so during the first session it is important to find out what is most comfortable for you.

The Migun table can be used as often as you like. However, some may only want or need to use this during high stress points in their life. For those with chronic pain, you may want to try daily sessions and then cut back over time to what is effective and affordable for you.

The Migun table is a truly unique massage experience and is an excellent option for those that do not want close contact due to COVID. Massage time is only 35 minutes and you remain fully clothed. Just come in, lie down, and relax. Better health is that easy!

For more information, contact Aches Away at 309-662-2900 or online at Aches Away is locally owned by Don Thorpe and has been serving the community since 2001. Aches Away also provides float therapy and infrared sauna as well as traditional massage therapy. Their office is located at 3807 General Electric Road in Bloomington.