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Meet the New Radiologists Providing Quality Care at the Genesis Imaging Centers


Radiology Group, PC SC, and Genesis Imaging Centers are pleased to announce the newest members to the radiology team: Joel D. Ziegelbein, MD, MS and Jason B. Mueller, MD. Doctors Ziegelbein and Mueller join 14 radiologists at Radiology Group, PC SC, providing exceptional healthcare to the Quad Cities and surrounding communities.

While both doctors share a passion for radiology, their paths to becoming radiologists were very different.

Dr. Ziegelbein: from engineer to radiologist
Doctor or engineer? It was a toss-up for Dr. Ziegelbein as he began his first year of college at the University of Iowa. He decided to pursue a career that fused the two together and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Ziegelbein went on to work as an electrical design and test engineer for several years until he could no longer ignore his growing interest in medicine and radiology.

“I enjoyed a lot of the aspects of my career as an engineer, but something was missing, and I wasn’t feeling satisfied at my job,” Dr. Ziegelbein explained. “Since I had always had a passion for the medical field, I decided it was time to pursue a new opportunity.”
Back to school — Dr. Ziegelbein returned to the University of Iowa to earn a medical degree and become a board-certified radiologist.

Dr. Mueller: following his passion
Since the day he stepped foot on the Iowa State campus in Ames, Iowa, Dr. Mueller knew he wanted to pursue a career in medicine. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Philosophy before pursuing a medical degree at the University of Iowa. It was during his time in medical school that he discovered his passion for radiology and neuroradiology.

“With radiology, I could have an impact on multiple different services and work on multiple organ systems through a variety of imaging exams,” Dr. Mueller said. “I enjoy studying the central nervous system and its structure and function. As radiologists, we can diagnose a broad range of illnesses from reviewing MRIs or CTs of the brain.”

Contributing to patient care
With all the advancements in technology and the development of efficient processes, many patients may never see the radiologist face-to-face. This makes some people wonder what their role is in the diagnosis and treatment process.

Doctors Ziegelbein and Mueller, as well as all the radiologists at the Genesis Imaging Centers, provide quality diagnostic care to patients and support referring doctors to determine an accurate medical diagnosis that leads to the appropriate treatment and care management for each patient.

“Radiologists play a vital role in the healthcare system,” Dr. Mueller explained. “The diagnostic information that is obtained from the imaging exam adds depth and insight into the diagnosis and becomes especially valuable in the more difficult cases.”

Dr. Mueller expanded on a radiologist’s role in patient care, and while not every patient sees a radiologist face-to-face, many procedures require consultation or care from the radiologist directly. Besides reading the results from an imaging exam, they work directly with other care providers to make sure the patient is receiving the most appropriate imaging.

“Our job is to help clinicians find a diagnosis through imaging but, as interventional radiology has expanded, we also provide treatment and biopsy options to the patients we see,” Dr. Ziegelbein stated. “A lot of times we do interact with our patients. Mammography is a great example of working directly with the patient to do biopsies or other diagnostic imaging.”

Serving the Quad Cities
As Iowa natives, both doctors Ziegelbein and Mueller were eager to bring their skills and talents to the Quad Cities.
Returning to his hometown, Dr. Mueller is excited to finally practice radiology. “I am happy to move beyond the training and the shadow of academia,” he stated. “I enjoy having the challenge and responsibility of diagnosing and helping manage a patient’s care.”

“The individuals here [Genesis Imaging Centers/Radiology Group, PC SC] have a great working relationship with each other, the radiology techs, and with referring practices, and I am happy to contribute to the community’s wellbeing,” Dr. Ziegelbein said.

Doctors Ziegelbein and Mueller are radiologists with Radiology Group, PC SC in Davenport, Iowa. As part of Radiology Group PC SC, they provide professional services to the Genesis Imaging Centers and the Genesis Health System. Genesis Imaging Centers have three locations in the Quad Cities area: Genesis Imaging Center — Davenport, 1970 E. 53rd St. Davenport, IA; Genesis Imaging Center — Bettendorf, 2140 53rd Ave. Bettendorf, IA; and Genesis Imaging Center — Moline, 3900 28th Ave. Moline, IL. To schedule an appointment, call 563-421-XRAY (9729) in Iowa, or call 309-281-5000 in Illinois.

If you have questions about the services Genesis Imaging Centers offer, please contact Physician Liaison Amanda Geffre at 563-421-5632 or geffrea@genesishealth.com.