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ManorCare Salutes Our Veterans


Enlistment in the armed forces has long been considered a selfless act of service to our country. Through military service, enlisted service members temporarily set aside their civilian lives to bring peace, stability, and protection to our nation and our international allies. Respect and gratitude for service members are common in those of us who did not or could not serve, but simply acknowledging the sacrifice our veterans make is insufficient repayment for their sacrifice.

Although we elevate and revere our veterans, they are, after all, human. They age as civilians do; they fall ill as we do. For their extraordinary effort, they deserve exemplary service. ManorCare Health Services – Davenport has been providing post-acute rehabilitation services and long-term care to all of the Quad Cities metro area for over 25 years, but they have recently dedicated a wing for our military veterans.

Although they have always provided care to area veterans, in June of 2017, ManorCare dedicated a wing reserved solely to the needs of our service members. This dedicated wing is comprised of eight private beds where they can access all of ManorCare’s services, treatments, and amenities. Whether they are receiving long-term care, post-hospital rehabilitation, or transitioning to hospice, veterans will enjoy the comradery of other service members and special activities.

The specialized care for veterans doesn’t end with medical attention, either. As a part of the activities calendar for residents experiencing an extended stay, a special Veteran’s Day project is being arranged. ManorCare is planning a day of celebrations to honor servicemen and women, the centerpiece of which will be a donation to the Flag Restoration Project on behalf of the veterans at ManorCare – Davenport.

Although the Veteran’s Wing is a very specific focus for the facility, veterans and members of the wider community can also receive care at ManorCare – Davenport. With 105 total licensed beds, they provide a wide spectrum of care for patient needs: including post-hospital rehabilitation with physical, occupational, and speech therapies, long-term care, respite care, and consulting hospice services. The majority of their clientele receives long-term care services for persistent illnesses, with a smaller percentage of patients receiving post-hospital rehabilitation services. Christie Royster, admissions director, states, “We provide post-hospital services for clinically complex patients, every patient is different. Patient care plans are based on the specific needs of the patient and individually tailored.”

To provide these personalized services, ManorCare employs experienced and professional staff at the Davenport location. Recovery, however, isn’t just dependent on professional accreditation; it’s about the depth of the care delivered. To facilitate a well-rounded recovery, ManorCare employs a staff beyond the traditional nursing staff. Christie states “that the Davenport facility’s therapy staff is their own in-house therapy staff. While many similar facilities contract therapy services through outside agencies that operate within their facilities, ManorCare’s team of therapists is entirely on-site and a part of the ManorCare team.” That means that the therapists work where their patients are, and returning patients are sure to see some familiar, friendly faces. For non-medical enrichment, ManorCare – Davenport also hosts a full-time activity director and a full calendar of events, from the recent Oktoberfest celebration, respective men’s and women’s groups, outings to see the River Bandits baseball games, and a host of other activities. A supportive interdisciplinary team helps guide the patients throughout their stay, including hospital liaisons and admissions, nursing, therapy, social services, dietary, and case management staff. Dr. Pomilla Kumar, MD, is the facility medical director, along with consulting physician and nurse practitioner support through Genesis Health System.

Christie says, “there are other ways to measure the efficacy and of care the staff provides. For ManorCare, the real measure of quality care comes in the form of patient feedback and employee longevity. When it comes to providing quality healthcare, longevity can be a strong indicator of staff satisfaction and their depth of experience. Good healthcare organizations take steps to retain and incentivize high-performing staff, and happy staff often provide the best care. Testament to this principle are the many long-term staff members at ManorCare.”

Truly, the best measure of care quality is the opinion of the patients. Christie notes “the therapy staff is often complimented for their efficacy, and likewise our nursing staff is often complimented for their gentle care and responsiveness.” For her, returning patients are the sign of an effective staff. According to Christie, many of those who receive short-term care at their facility later return when they are in need of long-term care. “[When] people choose us over and over again, it is a sign of trust and quality, they know this is the right place for their care,” says Christie

The journey home after a medical emergency can be a taxing one, but the transition from service to civilian can feel even longer. ManorCare – Davenport is proud to be entrusted with the care of those who heard the call of duty in our nation’s time of need. From our servicemen and women, to regular civilians—everyone deserves quality care.

ManorCare Health Services – Davenport is located 815 E. Locust St., Davenport. They are a part of HCR ManorCare a wholly owned subsidiary of ProMedica, a mission-based, not-for-profit integrated healthcare organization which includes a network of 13 hospitals, 2,600 physicians, health plans, 450 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, memory care communities, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, home health and hospice agencies. Driven by its mission to improve health and wellbeing, ProMedica has been nationally recognized for its advocacy programs and efforts to address social determinants of health.

The Flag Restoration Project

The invention of enterprising 14-year-old, Liam Willcox, The Flag Restoration Project seeks to replace damaged flags within the community. Noticing that a number of flags throughout his local neighborhood were damaged or tattered, Liam set about purchasing new flags to replace them. His effort quickly caught local attention, and soon The Flag Restoration Project was coordinating the replacement of area flags and accepting donations to finance Liam’s service to the community. Additional donations have also allowed the organization to help sponsor Honor Flight participants.

Visit the Flag Restoration Project at www.facebook.com/flagrestorationproject.

For more information about ManorCare Health Services Davenport, call 563-324-3276 or visit www.manorcare.com/davenport. This facility accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and over 250 insurance health plans across the country.