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Living Solutions for Seniors


Human nature can be a funny thing. One constant that we, as humans, can be assured of is change. Change is inevitable, and we know it; and yet, instead of embracing change, it is often our human nature to fight against it, push it away, or ignore it in hopes that change will move on to another. Why is this? One of the most commonly cited reasons is that change — even some of life’s positive changes — can feel stressful and overwhelming. We tend to find comfort in our seemingly stable or secure environment, even when that environment may limit our day-to-day activities, interaction with others, or our general well-being and quality of life. This is especially true for older adults or their families who are contending with decisions that may involve a life-impacting change in the living environment.

Here are some key points to consider when thinking about these issues in determining what’s next:

  • Poor nutrition   
  • Isolation
  • Medication management
  • Frequent falls
  • Inability to drive
  • Forgetfulness

“My parents are getting older and having difficulty at home. What do I do?” As parents age and begin to lose their ability to care for themselves on an independent basis, many of us are left with worry, concern, fear, indecision and frustration. How do we best address the issue of home care or assisted living when it comes to our parents? What about the cost? What if distance is a concern? When is the right time to make decisions? How can we learn about the various social service resources in our community? What am I forgetting to do?

  • More than 25 percent of American families are involved in elder/parent care.
  • $34 billion/year is lost in employee productivity due to eldercare responsibility.
  • 44 percent of Americans between the ages of 45 and 56 have both aging parents and children under the age of 21.

They’re called the “sandwich generation;” facing needs of parents and children at the same time.

There is help available through many local agencies that truly understand the resources available for any given situation. This broad network of senior services and resources include senior living communities, relocation and downsizing services, eldercare attorneys’, real estate professionals, and many other resources.

LivWell Seniors serves as a local agency providing community based resources that are 100 percent FREE to seniors and their families as they are funded by the senior care providers that utilize their service and network of connections. For further information, contact senior resource specialist, Monte Schwartz, at 563-340-4781 or, Shawn Marie Walden at 563-265-1577 or, visit www.livwellseniors.com.

“My greatest joy comes when those families that I have assisted express to me that I have given them a renewed sense of hope and the guidance that they really needed to get through this journey,” Rhonda Halterman, LivWell Seniors founder-owner.

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