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Living Joyfully in Central Illinois and Beyond


Submitted by The Village at Mercy Creek

Franciscan Ministries, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, recently acquired Mercy Creek located in Normal. Built in 2012, the community was previously owned and operated by Meadows Mennonite Retirement Community and has 60 spacious one and two-bedroom assisted living apartment homes and four independent living villas.

“We are excited to add Mercy Creek to our steadily growing family of Franciscan communities and look forward to working with the associates and residents in the next chapter of the community’s history,” said Franciscan Ministries President and CEO Judy Amiano. “For over 120 years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating premier senior living facilities in the Midwest. We look forward to continuing the ministry that was started by the community nearly six years ago.”

For branding purposes, Mercy Creek was renamed The Village at Mercy Creek to better align with the current Franciscan Communities portfolio of senior living properties. The residents and associates have also been introduced to the ministry’s “Living Joyfully” culture, which reflects their mission and values.

According to Franciscan Ministries Sales and Marketing Director Steve Kozy,” This is what differentiates us from other communities. We offer all of the premier services and amenities a resident needs, while creating an environment that promotes a holistic approach to wellbeing.”

Following the prayer of St. Francis, residents and associates at The Village at Mercy Creek are encouraged to work towards living a life of peace. We believe when people are nourished physically, mentally, and spiritually, they can become an instrument of change in their community. This creates a joyful experience for oneself and others.

Living Joyfully is a culture fostered within all nine senior living communities that Franciscan Ministries owns and operates throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. In 2016, they took this idea one step further and developed an original artwork called “The Joy Wall.” It has seven distinct panels that are symbolic of the mission and values of Mother Mary Theresa Dudzik, the foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago.

Each panel represents things people can do to experience life in a more vibrant way, regardless of personal limitations. The first one is called “Make Your Mark.” It reminds residents to embrace the idea of sharing experiences and ideas which make up their life story. Every day provides another opportunity to add to their personal narrative.

The next one is “Create Your Contributions.” We know that acts of kindness, both big and small, can be monumental to someone else. It is important for residents to be the change they wish to see.

“Expand Your Communities” is rooted in the fundamental need for residents to feel safe and experience a sense of belonging. This is accomplished by helping them increase their social circle and develop meaningful relationships with others, including residents and associates.

The world is filled with wonder and beauty. Each resident sees things through a different lens, but all are invited to “Give Your Gratitude” to God for the lives and opportunities they are given.

Finding ways to “Grow Your Gifts” is important to people regardless of age. Every resident was bestowed with special gifts that were revealed to them throughout their lifetime — and some have not been revealed yet! Regardless, those gifts are revealed in different ways, but once discovered, they should be nurtured so that they can blossom.

Residents are encouraged to “Pursue Your Purpose” by identifying what makes them happy and letting those markers guide their life choices. Every day is an opportunity to reach for the stars and do something new.

When asked to “Embrace Your Joy,” it’s a chance for residents to let their heart take flight. Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. People need to take the time to enjoy them all.

Franciscan Ministries, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, is a nonprofit Catholic system offering senior living and healthcare and community-based services to support families and their loved ones. Franciscan Ministries owns and operates senior living facilities throughout the Midwest. Additionally, they support young women seeking a Catholic, secondary education, and operate a family violence prevention center and shelter. Visit their website at:

The Village at Mercy Creek is located at 1501 Mercy Creek Dr. in Normal. For more information about assisted living at Mercy Creek, you may call 309-268-1501, or visit them online at Or, stop in for a tour!