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Kickin’ It! Assumption Varsity Kicker Aims High after Hip Surgery


Submitted by ORA Orthopedics

 Andrew Bries, MD ORA Orthopedics

High achievement is the only way 17-year-old Travis Krayenhagen holds himself accountable — whether it’s maintaining an A-average off the field or kicking for the Assumption Knights football team. “I love school and football, and doing my best is the only way I know how to perform,” says Travis.

Doing his best on the field became difficult when a hip injury sent Travis to the sidelines. He had been training at a kicking camp, when his leg became so sore and painful it hurt to walk. Sports medicine physician, Dr. Andrew Bries, ORA Orthopedics, discovered more than just soreness. “The MRI revealed a labral tear in his hip,” he explains. “The hip’s ball and socket joint is surrounded by a ring of cartilage called the hip labrum. These tears can be the result of acute injuries often caused from sudden twisting movements and hyperextension, similar to Travis’ kicking motion.”

Dr. Bries understood Travis’ goal was to get back into the game, stronger than before. So, he performed what’s called a hip arthroscopy. Using tiny incisions, he inserted a scope into Travis’ hip to repair the tear. “As an outpatient procedure, Travis was home the same day and began his recovery and rehab immediately. ”

“I am stronger than I was before the injury,” says Travis. “After the procedure, I spent six months in physical therapy, then started my weight-lifting program. By the time football season began, I was ready to play full-time with no pain. I felt really confident with Dr. Bries. He was great and I knew he would get me better,” Travis adds.

Dr. Bries says these injuries are no longer threatening the careers of student athletes. “In the past, many of these tears were just attributed to groin strains and could often sideline a player — many giving up their sport for good. But with our MRI technology and arthroscopic surgical techniques, we are better able to treat these injuries and return players to the sports they love.”

As a junior, Travis has high hopes to start as the Assumption Knight’s varsity kicker, but he also plans to keep his academic record a priority, too. “I love football, but my dad and I talk a lot about my future, and getting strong grades will take me a lot farther. Thanks to Dr. Bries, I feel great playing football, and I can enjoy my high school experience with no regrets.” Play on, Travis.

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Photo Courtesy of ORA Orthopedics

Travis Krayenhagen, 17, Assumption High School, is back in the game after hip surgery.

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