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Joining a Cremation Society


Submitted by Reid Trimble, Manager, Trimble Pointe Companies

Cremation is a personal preference.
Today, nearly 40 percent of Quad City-area residents are choosing simple cremation as an affordable alternative to more traditional funeral services. The range of services and celebrations of life associated with this alternative vary from the most basic and simple to events that mirror traditional funeral services.

For many families, the fact that simple cremation costs are substantially lower is appealing and practical. A way to take charge of that decision is to join a Cremation Society, which is common in other parts of the country. Bringing a national trend to the area, Trimble Pointe Companies has just announced the formation of The Cremation Society of the Quad Cities™.

What is a Cremation Society?
A Cremation Society is a group of people (members) with a common desire to have, upon their death, simple cremation without ceremony. We established the Cremation Society of the Quad Cities to allow our members to make their own self-directed arrangements in advance. Because members complete required forms and authorizations in advance, often online, we can offer substantial savings to them. Upon death, to follow through on the member’s recorded instructions, limited professional services are needed and provided.

A Cremation Society offers limited-service direct cremation with integrity.
Cremation Society membership provides for a simple cremation by completing an enrollment process, paying a one-time membership fee, and selecting only the services needed. Membership is intended to save money, guarantee fulfillment of final wishes and eliminate the burden and stress to family members, friends, or assigned professionals to make decisions at the time of death. Of course, the greatest benefit is the peace of mind that comes with having final wishes planned and precisely documented.

Families and individuals attracted to cremation societies prefer to make arrangements with little interaction from staff.
Joining a cremation society can be accomplished by a simple online process or by requesting a comprehensive brochure, completing the application, and then returning the application by mail. It is perfect for people wishing to make decisions in the comfort of their home, while taking as much time as they need to review society options on a website or by studying the brochure. Joining a society does not necessarily mean you will pre-fund services, but it allows you to make your wishes known as a part of the membership application.

Cremation societies appeal to people who desire simplicity and ease in making the arrangements.
Appointments and lengthy planning sessions with a funeral director are bypassed with set package offerings. For example, the most economical offering would be “Only Cremation,” which means that the society  would transfer the deceased from a local health institution or home to the cremation society  for positive identification followed by cremation in our on-site crematory. In this case, there would be no preparation of the deceased, viewing, or ceremony. An intermediate package is “Cremation with a Time to Say Good-bye.” This package includes preparation for viewing by immediate family members prior to cremation. Our “Worry-Free Cremation” package provides more professional services and guidance. In this case, the society member requests extended staff services to plan and coordinate a memorial gathering or service.

Cremation Society prices and packages are clearly defined and delivered as promised.
Once joining the Cremation Society of the Quad Cities, a person is forever entitled to special, member-only pricing on the package of services that best suits the member’s preferences, along with the flexibility to make changes in the future. The most cost-effective membership benefit is the ability to pre-pay at today’s members-only fee, avoiding cost escalation in the years ahead.

Price, Value, and Reputation of Your Provider Are Key
No matter the structured packages selected, this is a program that meets the needs of a particular audience of people. Who is this audience? These are people who wish to “self-direct” their own cremation and know that services will be tailored and limited to exactly what has been authorized. This audience has also taken charge of their finances by purchasing exactly what they need and want.

Finding Your Comfort Zone
Those choosing Cremation Society membership will feel peace of mind today and every day knowing that plans are made and unnecessary burdens are lifted from family members. They know they want a simple cremation or a slight variation.

The Cremation Society of the Quad Cities ™ offers a class called  Cremation 101 at Trimble Pointe, 701 12th Ave. Moline IL.  In this class Eric and Reid Trimble share the history of cremation. dispel myths, and provide statistics of the growing popularity of cremation. The presentation is followed by an interactive question and answer period  and  optional tour of the on-site crematory. For more information on the scheduled date for this fall’s class, call 309-764-1144.