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Is It Time to Make a Change in Your Loved One’s Living Situation?


Submitted by Country Manor

The decision to move your aging parents out of the family home is a complex one—both emotionally and practically. It requires a delicate balancing act between your parents’ safety and their emotional stake in staying put. Helping your parents make the right decision requires care and planning.

Key Questions to Ask
Each family is different, and the decision to move is an intensely personal one. But asking yourself (and in many cases, asking your parents) some of the following questions can help all of you navigate this difficult terrain.

What’s in the refrigerator?
Is the freezer full of TV dinners? Has the milk gone sour? A quick look can tell you whether your parents are eating well or whether they’ll do better someplace where trained staff could make sure they’re getting balanced meals.

Can someone check in on your parents on a regular basis?
If a family member, friend, or neighbor isn’t nearby and available to do this, are your parents willing to consider a home-safety alarm system or daily calling service?

How are your parents doing compared with this time last year?
A holiday can be a good time to reflect on the previous year and take note of any significant changes. A marked decline from one year to the next may mean it’s time to start looking—and planning—for a more supportive environment.

Are activities of daily living—tasks such as eating, dressing, bathing, and toileting—getting harder?
If the answer is yes, are you able to get in-home help for your parents with personal care or with chores like shopping, cooking, or laundry?

Is your parent clean and well groomed?
If your father has always been known for his crisply-ironed shirts but starts looking disheveled, that may be a clue that it’s time for another level of support.

In answering the questions above, are you beginning to wonder if your loved one may be experiencing memory loss? Allow us at Country Manor to walk the journey with you. Our unique approach to memory care, The Village Program, makes a difference every day with residents with Alzheimer’s or related dementia not typically associated with normal aging.

For additional questions or more information, please call  Country Manor at 563-391-1111, or visit our website at www.countrymanormc.com.

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