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Is It Time for a Fresh Start?


Submitted by Fresh Start Living QC

What happens when living in your home is no longer an option for you because of your age, physical, or mental health? What would you do if you were hospitalized and then told that because of your health, you can’t go back to the place you’ve called home for 50 years? Where do you even begin to clear out 50 years worth of possessions when you aren’t physically up to it? And on top of that news, you know you are a hoarder and wouldn’t even know where to start?

That is what happened to Fresh Start Living QC’s first client—we’ll call her Sara. At 80 years old, Sara was having a hard time walking. She had difficulty getting up the two flights of stairs that she had to climb to get to her apartment. Then one day she fell. Her primary doctor referred her to Visiting Nurses Association so she could begin receiving in-home care, and couldn’t go back home. She was told where she lived wasn’t a healthy environment for her. She needed to move.

Fortunately, Sara’s Visiting Nurse referred her to Rhonda Halterman at LivWell Seniors, for help in finding a safer senior living option that would best fit her lifestyle and budget. Sara had never been married, had no children, and her friends were all her age—who was going to help her sort through 50 years of “stuff” and help her determine what she could even take with her to her new home? Sara also knew she was a hoarder, in part because she had five-foot high piles of clothing spread throughout her bedroom to remind her every day. Rhonda introduced her to Fresh Start Living QC.

Fresh Start Living QC can assist people who are downsizing for a move or just help declutter and reorganize for people who will be staying in their homes. Everyone’s needs are different, so the first visit from Fresh Start Living QC is always free to help make a personalized plan and set a goal. They can be hired for one hour to help jump start a project, or they can help to empty an entire house. Their mission is to donate or recycle whatever is no longer wanted or usable, and they only dispose of items that can’t be salvaged.

Fresh Start Living QC’s owner Gwen Tombergs, a native of Eldridge, is no stranger to rolling up her sleeves to get a job done. From growing up in a family business to running a professional hockey team, Gwen has the energy to get projects done efficiently and timely.

And what happened to Sara? After Gwen got her personal items moved into her new senior living apartment and shopped for decorative and useful items to help make it her home, Sara is happy and doing well. She told Gwen, “You saved my life!”

Spring is here and the pandemic is almost over! Isn’t it time for a ‘fresh start?” Whether planning a move or simply cleaning out a basement, book that free initial consultation today by calling Gwen at 563-343-2058 or email her at gwen@freshstartlivingqc.com. Let Gwen Tombergs and Fresh Start Living QC be your helping hand!