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Is Assisted Living for Me?


By Allison Fisher, Community Relations Director, Welbrook at Bloomington

Making the decision to move into an assisted living community can be a challenging family experience. You may ask yourself, “When is the right time?” or think, “I do not need any assistance right now, but I am not comfortable staying at home any longer.” People often believe that when moving into a senior living community, they will be giving up their independence. These are all common thoughts that take place as a person gets older and begins to think about their next stage in life.

Sometimes, a person may not have a need for physical assistance, but there has been a recent event that has caused them to consider moving into an assisted living community. A spouse passing away, a recent fall, or a recent health diagnosis are examples of situations that may cause a person to think about their next steps. A person may not have a physical need that requires help now, but perhaps they are nervous about falling and not being able to get up. Often, the adult child of the senior is uncomfortable with their mom or dad living at home alone. These are prime times for a person to begin wondering if it is time to make a move.

An individual can move into an assisted living community and still maintain their independence, coming and going just as they would if they were still in their own home. Residents live an active lifestyle and are able to bring their car if they are still driving, living life well and independently without the worry and hassle of keeping up with a home or yard. Dining experiences are a highlight in senior living. Many communities have delicious and nutritious meals to choose from. There are many opportunities for socialization, with outings and various entertainment that take place, keeping a person active and thriving. In assisted living, there is staff available 24-7 in case there is an emergency or even a concern that a resident would like to consult a medical professional about. Residents can live independently, yet have peace of mind, knowing that there is someone to assist them should a need arise.

The decision to move into an assisted living community is often much easier than one thinks. Knowing that independence and happiness are available while having the security of a medical professional in the same vicinity of you or your loved one should help ease stress. Learning about options that are available and being a proactive planner is essential in a successful move to a senior living community. To find the right community for you, visit senior living communities in your area to compare services and amenities is a great start in making such an important life decision.

Welbrook at Bloomington is a new, state-of-the-art senior living community offering independent/assisted living and memory care. “Living life well” at Welbrook means having the support, care, and compassion to continue a lifestyle with just a change of location. Welbrook at Bloomington is located at 1402 Leslie Drive in Bloomington. For additional information, contact Allison Fisher, Community Relations Director at 309-603-2500 or visit