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Innovative Imaging for Everyone


By Julie Workman

We make hundreds of choices every day. Some big, some small. Some with lasting impact, some not.

Some small:
Wait in line for your chai latte and risk being late for work? Put your homemade coffee in a to-go cup, and be sure to arrive on time?

Some bigger:
Opt-in to remote learning for the fall? Send your kids to school in person?

Some critical:
Go to the doctor and get an official diagnosis? Just ignore the thing that might be wrong and hope it goes away? Each choice sets up a new path, a new direction for all that follows.

Sixteen years ago, Fort Jesse Imaging Center (FJIC) opened as a free-standing, multi-modal outpatient diagnostic imaging center. Today, FJIC brings together advanced technology, skilled staff, convenience, and comfort at a lower cost than patients will find at more traditional imaging providers.

Ft. Jesse Imaging and the Gale Keeran Center for Women, located just next door, paved a new road to deliver imaging services and patient care.

Since then, FJIC has helped hundreds of doctors help thousands of patients by delivering excellence in imaging services on-time and continuously exceeding expectations. In 2015, FJIC earned the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Excellence Award.

Medical Imaging Services
Medical imaging is the non-invasive and generally painless technique of using technology to create a visual representation of a human body’s interior. Imaging allows a health care team to see beyond a patient’s skin and bones to analyze and diagnose abnormalities in some organs and tissues.

At FJIC, a tight-knit team of 22 professionals helps patients feel comfortable and at ease with their procedures. The highly-trained staff at Fort Jesse staff (radiographers and radiologists) use the latest cutting-edge diagnostic tools. They take pride in helping local doctors get answers for their patients quickly and making sure that treatment and healing can begin as soon as possible.

“We are pleased to offer the latest in diagnostic imaging,” says Amy Jeffreys, FJIC’s Practice Liaison and Director of Marketing and Sales. “From MRIs to CT Scans, from bone density screenings to ultrasound, we have the equipment and training to meet almost any imaging need.”

“Patients don’t always realize that they have a choice when it comes to medical imaging,” Jeffreys continues. “When your doctor tells you that it’s time for a mammogram or you need an MRI, you can choose to come to Fort Jesse Imaging Center. We’re proud of our patient satisfaction scores. We deliver accurate results quickly, and usually for about half the price of obtaining imaging services elsewhere.”

Who Can Use FJIC?
FJIC welcomes patients covered by commercial insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, self-pay patients, and even the uninsured.

“We are here to serve,” says Jeffreys. “Every year, we hold a fund-raiser called Breast in Show. The goal is to raise money so we can provide free mammograms to the uninsured patients of the Community Health Care Clinic. The event is unique. We invite individuals and businesses to decorate bras, add gift cards, or giveaways—whatever they want to do to obtain the highest bid! Then we display them at the Imaging Center and on social media and take bids. This year, we raised enough funding to provide mammograms for 33 patients.”

While Breast in Show is locally famous and sometimes the public perception is that FJIC is just for women and their mammograms, the truth is that they provide so much more.

“The modalities we offer can help patients (men AND women), with everything from lower back pain and prostate issues to ultrasounds and PET scans. Imaging is our specialty; it’s the only thing we do!”

Why choose FJIC?
Fort Jesse offers the complete spectrum of imaging services, including:

  • 3D Mammography
  • PET/CT
  • MRI
  • CT
  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound / MSK Ultrasound • Breast MRI
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy
  • Bone Density Scans

“Given the unusual events of this year, the cost of healthcare services is more important than ever to our patients,” says Melissa Marx, FJIC’s Practice Administrator. “Due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are cutting back, including temporary (or sometimes permanent) job losses and the accompanying loss of health insurance.”

“The fluid economic situation is driving more and more people to the high-deductible health care plans available on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange. That makes price-comparison shopping for healthcare services a part of everyday life,” she continues.

“There are websites patients can visit to find out the average cost of a particular procedure. Most insurance companies offer a price-comparison tool on their websites to help patients find the best value for the services that they need. We encourage our patients to visit those sites, do the price comparison, and choose their imaging provider based on those results. Generally, FJIC pricing comes in at about half the price of other imaging service providers.”

Patient Satisfaction
“Patient satisfaction is one of our key performance metrics,” Marx explains. “We request comments after every appointment and track satisfaction through our partnership with the industry leader in patient satisfaction, Press Ganey. They help us gather comprehensive patient feedback, understand preferences, and improve our best practices to reduce suffering and prioritize patient satisfaction.”

No one will deny that the American healthcare system leaves some room for improvement. Still, for patients at the FJIC, the experience is overwhelmingly positive.

Recent testimonials from those Press Gainey surveys tell it best:

“The receptionist informed the MRI tech of my arrival, and just after I sat down, I was called back maybe one minute after that. Communication was on point, and everyone was very friendly and extremely accommodating.”

“Awesome experience. I was able to go to prompt care then right over to imaging for an ultrasound. Christy was very kind and thorough. I was able to get results same day!”

“FJIC employees are all so friendly, helpful, and informative.

The process of getting a mammogram is the smoothest, most efficient appointment I’ve ever had. As mentioned previously, it’s the same every year. Thanks to all of your staff for their exemplary service!”

“The staff was excellent with me. I am in a wheelchair, and the gals made my experience very pleasant. They were helpful and concerned for my safety.”

“I appreciated the facility and staff being open during a pandemic. I also found out I had three fractured ribs. Many, Many, Many Thanks!”

Ft. Jesse Imaging & Gale Keeran Center for Women is here to fulfill our community’s diagnostic imaging needs, in a calm outpatient setting, with outpatient rates.  With up-to-date technology, specialty trained radiologists, and ease of access, they strive to offer physicians and patients a superior experience. For more information call 309-454-5552, or visit them on Facebook at or Located at 2200 Ft. Jesse Rd, Suite 120/130, Normal, IL 61761