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How to Help Your Loved One Feel at Home


Submitted by Friendship Manor

Selecting care for a loved one experiencing memory loss can come with challenges, but there are ways to navigate this transition to hopefully make it easier. Setting up their living space with creature comforts, personal items, and more can help them settle into their space and routines. Here are some ideas for how to bring comfort to your loved one in their new space.



There are those items you have carried with you throughout your life. They may just be small trinkets but these things carry a lot of sentimental weight. Things like collectable items, nametags, or desk plates from a career or souvenirs from trips spark fond memories for your loved one and may be a great conversation starter for caretakers.



Photos of loved ones, or of places and things that spark joy or specific memories may help your loved one identify this new space as their own. Depending on the level of memory loss they are experiencing they may not know exact names, places, or information about the photos, but the familiarity may still be comforting.


Depending on the community that your loved one is moving into, you may be responsible for furnishing the unit they are in. If you are providing the furniture and decor then you’ll have more options for surrounding them with familiar and comforting items. If not, there will be ways to personalize their space with smaller things, like handcrafted blankets, artwork they created, or maybe a favorite chair.



Provide your loved one with some of their favorite snacks or drinks. Bring their favorite mug or cup to encourage them to stay hydrated. Taste and smell have great connection to memory.



Bring clothes your loved one likes to wear that fit correctly. Many older adults can run cold, so make sure they have some warm clothes and things they can layer. Items like fine jewelry should be left in a safe place, but costume jewelry or non-expensive alternatives might be good for your loved one if they still like to dress up.


Finding the right care for a loved one can be hard if you aren’t quite sure how to start. Have questions? Call our experts at Friendship Manor at (309) 786-9667.


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