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How Much is Too Much for Me?


By Linda Gilman MS, LPC, Geri-Ed Services

Icannot believe that I am going to tell you some of my deepest secrets…and, you have to promise you aren’t going to breathe a word to anyone. Promise? How many of you nice people out there have a small drink before dinner? Marilyn always gives me my drink in my favorite glass — it’s vodka…Ciroc®. It’s good for people with tummy problems because it’s gluten free.

A while back, I remember asking Marilyn…or really telling her…to get me a martini. I thought she was going to knock me down. Marilyn: “Miss Lily, you know what happens when you have too much alcohol…your blood pressure goes down and your sugar levels go up.” I sure didn’t like hearing that and I made this awful face…you know, the kind of face that let’s someone know you’re not happy. And then Marilyn said, “Miss Lily, I know how much you enjoyed your martinis and I’m really sorry you can’t have one. I’d rather you enjoy your smaller drink of vodka. I sure don’t want you passing out or falling down. You are too important to me.” Well, isn’t she the most thoughtful person???

So, I guess that’s the secret I’m sharing with you. I love martinis but, because of my medications and my medical problems, I can only have a small amount of liquor. I guess that’s better than nothing, right? I know that some people aren’t as lucky as me, to have a caregiver who makes sure I’m doing what’s good for me. Marilyn always looks out for me and makes sure I’m okay. I think that it’s okay to have a drink before dinner, or even before bed, but you have to check with your doctor or caregiver first.

I used to think I knew everything until one time I was at a lady friend’s home, and we were nibbling on chips and drinking wine. I was also on a special medication and never bothered to look at the label on the bottle of the medicine. I got really sick and ended up in the hospital. That’s when I started to listen to Marilyn and my doctor. I think he used the word…moderation. Doctor: “Lily, there isn’t anything wrong with having a drink before dinner…you only need a small amount for you to feel its effects.” And then, I remembered the hospital — the doctor was right.

Cheers and be well,
Miss Lily

Readers, feel free to contact Linda Gilman or Marilyn Woelke at Geri-Ed Services, 309-373-2400 or 309-781-6462, if you are concerned about a loved one who drinks too much or who has behavioral problems due to drinking. Alcohol is becoming high on the list of the dementia related problems. But it is one of the dementias that may be reversed if caught early.

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