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How Do I Decide Which Hearing Aid Is Best for Me?


By Margaret Christiansen, Au.D., Audiology Consultants

There are a lot of different hearing aids available, and they are definitely not a one size fits all solution. The first step in the process is a complete hearing test which will provide necessary information regarding your hearing needs. After the hearing test, the audiologist can help guide you through the selection process and what will work best for you.

Hearing aids come in different styles and technologies so there are a lot of choices to be made. Factors such as individual hearing loss, dexterity, personal preference, and cosmetics all go into this decision. Hearing aids are available in options that are battery operated or rechargeable so preference on this also determines which aids are best. The audiologist will guide you through the pros and cons of different styles as it relates to your hearing loss and make a recommendation on available options.

Cost of hearing aids is primarily influenced by the technology inside the hearing aid rather than the size of the hearing aids. Individual hearing loss, listening needs, and desired budget are evaluated to determine which hearing aid best suits you.

Because there are so many choices available, the idea of selecting a hearing aid can sound daunting. Working with a knowledgeable audiologist will help simplify this process. Your audiologist will work with you to make recommendations for hearing aids that will help you be successful!

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