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Helping Your Family Find the Right Balance of Care


Caring for a parent or older loved one can be a rewarding and at times exhausting job. Giving back to a parent, friend or loved one that provided for you in the past is an amazing way to show your gratitude. Without realizing it, many have taken on the role of informal caregiver. They start out by just helping out with light duties, picking up groceries, running errands, cooking a few meals, etc. As time goes on they find they are the ones taking care of their loved one on a full-time basis. Many adult children end up working full time jobs, raising their own children and caring for their aging parents. Often times they don’t realize the amount of stress they are under. Not recognizing you and your parent’s busy routine can lead to caregiver burnout, which can leave you feeling drained, stressed, and overwhelmed. There is also a large amount of guilt that goes along with this role. Your parents took care of you and provided for you while you were growing up, so it is only natural to want to take care of them while they are aging and need you. Most informal caregivers are not prepared or trained to take care of an aging parent when their health declines. Accidents are inevitable in this situation, and the guilt can be hard to live with. You cannot do everything. It’s important to remember that in order to care for another person, you must take care of yourself, too. (see 10 Tips to Avoid Caregiver Burnout)

Realizing you need help is nothing to be ashamed of and asking for help isn’t as hard as you think. Good Samaritan Society Services@Home has care providers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The care providers are available part-time or full-time, up to 24 hours a day.

Good Samaritan Society Services@Home care providers are:

  • Extensively screened/experienced
  • Homemakers and trained companions
  • Required to attend initial eight hours of training and mandatory quarterly training
  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Given complete background checks
  • Dependable and compassionate

Good Samaritan Society Services@Home recruits and screens potential providers based on each unique situation and conducts in-depth interviews and pre-screening. This process includes personal, professional, educational, criminal, fingerprinting, and motor vehicle checks. This information is utilized to assist us in making the best possible caregiver selection for each family.

Caregivers need to find time for themselves while at the same time not worrying about the well being of the loved one they are taking care of. Good Samaritan Society Services@Home offers them a way to do that.

Good Samaritan Society Services@Home provides:

  • Respite or relief care, for family members or caregivers
  • Post hospital care — assistance during recuperation from injury or illness
  • Total personal care
  • Transportation
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal preparation
  • Domestic services, housekeeping, laundry
  • Grocery shopping, errands
  • Travel companions
  • Exercising/walking assistance
  • Companionship/leisure activities
  • Pet care for our clients
  • Assistance during family functions
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s care
  • We work with hospice workers and visiting nurses to provide shift care

To stay healthy, try to find the right balance of caring for a loved one and yourself during this time. Use respite care services as needed. Even a few hours a week can make a difference. Know that you are not alone, there are many people just like you that struggle to find balance in their role as a caregiver. It is important to enlist the help of family and friends as well, so you don’t isolate yourself socially.

Depression is very common in caregivers. You are dealing with a large amount of stress accompanied by the realization that your loved one is aging and will not be around forever. Caregivers need to make sure they are talking about their emotions with someone who understands. Another great suggestion is to keep a journal to write your feelings in. Whatever way works for you is fine, just make sure you are finding a way to let your emotions out or get professional help if needed.

At the Good Samaritan Society Services@Home, we’re here to help you, no matter what stage of caregiving you’re in — or how much help you and your parent need.

Good Samaritan Services@Home wants to help individuals retain their highest level of health and success in their activities of daily living.

They have established offices in Bettendorf, Muscatine, Clinton, Moline, North Liberty and Geneseo to serve the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. The goal of Good Samaritan Society Services@Home is to provide a variety of care solutions that will enable an elderly person to maintain a sense of independence and to remain in familiar, common surroundings, thereby keeping their enthusiasm for life. This contributes greatly toward a feeling of wellbeing, self-worth, and fulfillment. In addition to providing the highest degree of independence possible for a person our services are designed to reduce the family’s burden and stress of caregiving, so that the time spent together is quality time. An elder companion is a solution that not only meets the needs of the care recipient, but the care provider’s as well.

If you, or someone you know, might benefit from our services, call our branch office nearest you to learn more. Please take advantage of our free consultation to discuss services available to fit your needs.

Good Samaritan Society Services@Home

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