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Hearing Aids and Wireless Technology


By Margaret Christiansen, Au.D., Audiology Consultants, P.C.

Question: Illinois law says I have to be “hands free” when I drive, but I can’t wear a Bluetooth headset because I have hearing aids. What can I do?

Answer: This is one instance where it’s really handy to wear hearing aids! The vast majority of today’s hearing aids can use wireless technology and have the ability to wirelessly connect to your cell phone. This essentially turns the hearing aids already in your ears into a Bluetooth headset. The conversation from your phone can be streamed to both of your hearing aids without requiring the phone to be put to your ear.

Most hearing aids require the addition of a streaming device which allows the hearing aids to connect to the phone. The streaming device varies between hearing aid manufacturers but is a small device typically worn on a lanyard around your neck or sometimes clipped on your shirt. Some manufacturers have everything integrated into the hearing aid and don’t require any extra devices. The only requirement of your phone is that is has Bluetooth technology.

Not only does the streaming device allow for hands-free communication but also doubles as a remote control for your hearing aid. Utilizing wireless technology with your hearing aids give you access to our technology driven world. Music can be wirelessly streamed to both of your hearing aids. Additional devices are available that allow your television sound or speech from a remote microphone to be wirelessly transmitted to your hearing aids.

Each individual’s hearing loss and listening needs are unique. If you’re looking for ways to better connect with the world around you, visit with your audiologist to find out which options are compatible with your hearing loss.

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