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Hearing Aid FAQ


By Margaret Christiansen, Au.D., Audiology Consultants

Do I need hearing aids in both ears?
Whether a person needs one hearing aid or two depends on their hearing loss. Most often, hearing loss is present in both ears. When loss is present in both ears, it is recommended to have hearing aids on both sides. Having sound delivered to both ears helps things to sound even, helps in determining where sounds are coming from and, most importantly, helps improve understanding, especially in background noise. The vast majority of patients perform better with aids in both ears versus just one. There are circumstances where only one hearing aid is recommended such as when hearing loss is only present in one ear or if a hearing aid is not appropriate for an ear. Ultimately the decision to aid one or both ears is up to the patient.

Do hearing aids take batteries or are they rechargeable?
We have battery operated and rechargeable options! Certain behind the ear custom models have the option of being rechargeable. Rechargeable aids are becoming more popular due to their ease of use. Individuals who have dexterity or vision problems have found rechargeable options to be particularly beneficial. Rechargeable aids are designed to be charged every night. Batteries are still used in some hearing aid models. Battery life varies depending on the size of battery but typically are changed every 4–7 days.

What style of hearing aid do I need?
Hearing aids are available in multiple styles. The decision of which style you get depends on your hearing loss and personal preference and needs. Together, we will review styles and make a decision that will best fit your needs.

Will my hearing aid whistle or squeal?
We’ve all heard the unwanted squeal a hearing aid can make. This is known as feedback. Luckily feedback has become much less problematic as technologies have improved. A hearing aid can squeal if it is not seated in the ear correctly, if significant wax is present in the ear canal, or if something is right next to your hearing aid. Hearing aids should not squeal under normal wearing conditions. If feedback does occur, adjustments or modifications can help resolve this issue.

Hearing aid options and technologies are constantly changing and improving. Our audiologists keep up to date on all the latest technologies and options and are happy to answer questions and help you find an appropriate hearing solution.

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