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Happy With the Skin You’re In


By Karen Tucker

When women are constantly bombarded with messages and news about the latest anti-aging treatments and methods, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How can you maintain a skincare routine when the rules seem to be ever-changing? It might be simpler than you think. By separating the hype from reality, you can come up with a core skincare routine to perfectly suit the skin you’re in.

“As you age, your skin changes,” says Jennifer Solis, Aesthetician and owner of Bless these Brows in Bloomington. “When it comes to supporting skin and its care, women (and men) need to understand that aging is complex, and it varies greatly by individual. Genetics, tanning, and smoking also influence the health of your skin.” She also noted that with skincare, there are a range of choices to consider, such as topicals, injectables, cosmetic treatments, laser procedures, surgery, and even oral anti-aging skincare supplements. Additionally, Jennifer shares,  it’s important to adjust your skin care routine throughout the years—what worked in your twenties may not have your skin glowing into your thirties and beyond.

Many women don’t know where to start. Meaning, what types of anti-aging skincare products and services might be right for them and what the choices are when it comes to anti-aging products.

She provides her tips for aging beautifully from your 20s to 60s and each decade in between:

20s: Preserve and protect.
It’s never too early to start aging prevention. Hectic schedules, late nights out, and days spent in the sun can wreak havoc on your skin. This stress shows up in the form of dark circles, under-eye bags, and dull or puffy skin. Fine lines begin to creep up as early as your late 20s, so a quality skin care routine is key. Start with a glycolic acid based cleanser and an oil free moisturizer. Be sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or above all year round, but especially in the summer. Sun protection forms the foundation of any anti-aging skin-care plan as the sun’s rays make our skin age more quickly.

30s: Exfoliate.
Once you hit your 30s, your skin’s natural exfoliation process begins to slow down. The growth factor in your skin also decreases. This means that you start to lose a teaspoon of collagen from your face every year by the time you are 30. Using an eye cream both day and night might help to increase moisture and suppleness around the eye area. Jennifer recommends a dual-pronged approach to help address some of the first signs of aging using topicals plus a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Professional treatments such as derma-planing and chemical peels can also improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

40s: Strengthen.
As you enter your 40s, your estrogen levels begin to change, resulting in dryer and thinner skin. Anti-aging products and creams with ingredients like retinoids and peptides are must-haves. Moisturize with serums that contain hyaluronic acid. Exfoliate by using a gentle face cleansing brush to help get rid of dead skin cells.

50s & Beyond. Hydration and Prevention.
You should already be on a steady anti-aging regimen. As soon as you count 50 candles on your birthday cake, moisturizing should be your top skincare priority. Look for products with retinoids, peptides, alpha hydroxy and amino acids. You should be keeping vigilant with your sunscreen and moisturizers. Many women find that their eyebrows become sparse, which detracts from a youthful appearance. Micro-blading, a precise hair simulation technique that creates natural looking brows,  is a game changer!

Most important, Jennifer reminds us that true beauty comes from within, so embrace your age throughout your life. Avoid excessive sun exposure and indoor tanning, drink plenty of water, and moisturize daily. Exercise, eat healthy foods, don’t forget to get enough sleep (it’s called beauty rest for a reason), and if you smoke, stop.

Jennifer Solis, owner of Bless These Brows, is a Licensed Aesthetician and Medical Aesthetics Certified. She has a new location at 1212 Towanda Ave. For more information on services and appointment scheduling link, visit her website You can also reach her by phone at 309-831-7433.