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Get Back on Your Feet, Get Back to Your Life


Submitted by ManorCare Utica Ridge

At ManorCare Utica Ridge, our primary focus is caring for patients with complex recovery and rehabilitation needs in a homelike setting. Located on Commerce Boulevard in Davenport, Iowa, ManorCare Utica Ridge provides individualized post-hospital skilled nursing care in a comfortable environment. Our clinical and therapy teams are experienced in providing specialized care focused on your needs, interests, and ability. This commitment results in a smoother and safer transition throughout your recuperation.

“The services provided at ManorCare Utica Ridge are really second to none,” states Tiffany Smith, admissions and marketing director. “Not only do we provide short-term rehab services, but we also have an experienced in-house therapy team, a registered dietitian, wound nurse, and nurse practitioner, all on-site for our patients.”

Making the Skilled Nursing Center Decision
Whether you are looking for a short-term rehabilitation stay before returning home or a residential setting for a longer stay, ManorCare Utica Ridge understands the challenges faced in making this decision. When possible, don’t wait for a crisis to force your hand because it is better to make that choice when not under the added stress and strain during an emergency. It is a good idea for you or your family to schedule a tour if there is a planned surgery and to preregister for an admission. It is also a good idea for you to become familiar with a building and staff before there is a need for services. When evaluating communities, it is reassuring to know you have our expansive services across the continuum for support. ManorCare accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and has formal contracts with over 250 insurance plans.

We understand the physical and emotional challenges of recovery, and how important it is to select the right provider with the experience to meet your needs safely and confidently. Key indicators to review when choosing where to recover includes:

  • Does the facility have experience treating your specific condition?
  • How successfully have their previous patients with your condition recovered?
  • Are the nurses knowledgeable and experienced in caring for patients similar to you?
  • Does the facility have hospital-level therapists and equipment?
  • Are there any systems in place to reduce unnecessary readmissions to the hospital?
  • What activities and events are available to keep you engaged or help you transition back to the community?

You should look for a setting that specializes in providing vital medical care and rehabilitation in a warm and caring environment. ManorCare Utica Ridge treats all their patients like family.

Short-Term Rehab Services
ManorCare Utica Ridge offers comprehensive care designed to shorten your post hospital recovery and improve your ability to get back home safely and quickly. Often, a hospital or home health agency will make a referral to ManorCare Utica Ridge on a patient’s behalf who is in need of therapy or short-term placement before they can return home. Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the moment of admission, an individualized plan will be created expressly for you. This plan will incorporate your treatment regimen, medication, nutrition, activities of daily living, priorities, scheduling preferences and circumstances. You may benefit from our post-hospital care if you are recovering from:

  • Orthopedic injuries and total joint replacement
  • Cardiac recovery
  • Pain management
  • Stroke and neurological recovery
  • Chronic disease management
  • Wound care
  • Pulmonary issues
  • Oncology care

Skilled Nursing Center Care
ManorCare Utica Ridge offers tailored treatment plans so you receive the care and rehabilitation you need. In-house, hospital-level therapy gyms mean your care takes place under one roof by experts in post-hospital care. Our specialized team members provide:

  • Skilled nursing and medical care
  • Individual goal setting, case management, and discharge planning
  • Hospital-level rehabilitation therapies
  • Recreational activities geared to each resident’s and patient’s needs
  • Resident and family education for lifestyle, nutrition, and disease management

Expertise You Want
The ManorCare Utica Ridge patient and resident care team is experienced in providing a breadth and depth of services for medically complex, functionally limited, and/or cognitively impaired patients. We offer a proactive approach in:

  • Mental wellness: Helping boost patients’ and residents’ sense of well-being by assisting those who may have issues that arise when dealing with age, chronic illness, impairment, or disability which may cause problematic depression or sadness.
  • Pain management intervention: Offering pain and symptom management and interventions for many older adults dealing with the daily occurrence of uncontrolled pain to promote comfort and enhance residents’ ability to perform their daily activities.
  • Wound management: Providing the special care that our diabetic patients or those with thinner and frailer skin may require while also focusing on the entire patient including nutrition, hydration, and mobility.
  • Respite care: ManorCare Utica Ridge also offers short-term respite care for those providing care to their loved ones at home. Respite provides a positive experience for the person receiving care, and is a great benefit for caregivers who need a vacation, or for holiday breaks.

Even though there are other facilities out there that may provide services similar to ManorCare Utica Ridge, our patients’ results are really what sets us apart from the rest. Our Utica Ridge Specialized Therapy Team has 278 years of combined experience with some very impressive results:

  • Over 95 percent of our patients receive rehabilitation therapy services
  • Nearly 90 percent of our patients are able to manage their own care when discharged
  • 93 percent of our rehab patients return home
  • Nearly 83 percent of our patients complete their treatment regime without returning to the hospital (better than national average)*

Results are what matters most to patients. The majority of our patients and families will recommend us to others. Because at ManorCare Utica Ridge, it’s not just about getting you back on your feet. It’s about getting back to your life.

*All data is based on industry averages and HCR ManorCare 2013 annual results.

To receive more information on ManorCare Utica Ridge or to schedule a tour, feel free to contact the admissions department at 563-344-2000 or email: UticaRidge@manorcare.com.