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Forward Thinking


Submitted by LivWell Cares

This past year has certainly been one for the record books. However, March is here at last and we can count on Spring returning once again, no matter what that groundhog had to say last month. Along with that, hopefully by the time you’re reading this you will at least have had your first COVID vaccination shot, if not your second.

Now that the COVID vaccine is finally being administered in our communities, there’s a little glimmer of hope that there IS an end in sight to this dark time in our history. Just think, in a few months or so we’ll be able to see the smiles on the faces of others! We won’t be worried about where we left our mask, and our hands won’t be dried up and cracked from all the hand washing and multiple applications of alcohol-infused hand sanitizer!

This has been a particularly difficult time for many grandparents, whether they’re at home or living in a senior community, who have not been able to hug their grandchildren. Even though Facetime or Zoom try to be the next best things to being there, who are we trying to kid? It just isn’t the same!

While many may choose to continue practicing risk-reduction strategies for now and wearing masks to protect themselves and others from the virus, with the coming of Spring here are some things we can look forward to RIGHT NOW:

  • Getting your COVID shots!
  • Sunshine for days in a row
  • Waking up to birds singing outside your window
  • Putting away the snow shovels
  • No more salt on sidewalks, shoes, or cars
  • No more scraping your car windows
  • Taking a walk without shivering or risking bodily harm by slipping on the ice
  • Walking out the door wearing a sweater instead of looking like Nanook of the North in big down parkas
  • Replacing that dried out Christmas wreath on the front door with happy spring flowers
  • Opening windows to inhale the fresh smell of spring
  • Crocuses, tulips and daffodils
  • Flowering crabapple trees
  • Attending church in person
  • Going to the movies to see the new James Bond picture in April
  • Attending a concert or a play
  • Dining in a restaurant
  • Getting together with friends and family
  • Attending a birthday party
  • Going to a college football game this fall
  • Planning a trip and expecting it to actually happen
  • Hugging friends and loved ones

No matter what you choose to do or how you choose to seek joy, let’s celebrate the fact that the past year is just that—in the past!

LivWell CARES, a local non-profit that serves economically disadvantaged seniors, can help you navigate through the maze of senior living options and has referral relationships with local senior facilities. We are here when you need us. Contact Kris Garrison at LivWell CARES: info@qclivwellcares.com, 563-334-3700.