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Essential Summer Skin Care


Submitted by Jennifer Solis, Bless These Brows

It’s summer and you’ve switched out your sweaters and boots for sundresses and flip flops. Have you also made some changes to your skin care routine? Heat and humidity along with air conditioning can make it difficult to keep your skin happy. Following are 4 important adjustments to have gorgeous skin all summer long.

  1. Exfoliate. Even though the cold, dry days of winter are over—dead, dry, flaky skin still remains. The skin is constantly sloughing off old, dead skin cells and replacing them with new cells. As we get older, this renewal process slows down. When you exfoliate the skin, the dead cells on the outer surface are removed, which paves the way for new, healthier cells to appear, giving your skin a smoother, softer, and more radiant appearance. Exfoliation also makes it easier for other products to penetrate the skin, thus increasing their effectiveness. There are many different kinds of exfoliators, both physical and chemical, but it’s important not to over exfoliate. Two professional exfoliating treatments are microdermabrasion and microplaning. It’s best to consult a professional aesthetician who can evaluate your skin type and its condition to determine the best procedures and products for you.
  2. Sunscreen. You should be wearing sunscreen all year long, but this is especially important in the summer—and not just when you are going to the pool or playing golf—but every single day. Many people like using a combination sunscreen and moisturizer in the summer. If you are concerned about the chemicals in sunscreen, look for one that has titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide. These reflect the sun rather than being absorbed into the skin. You may need to experiment with several brands to find one that you like.
  3. Moisturize. Even if your skin feels oily, cleansing and moisturizing are important elements of good skin care. But you probably want to switch to a lighter, water-based cleanser and moisturizer. The summer also brings more “bad moisture,” which is the surface moisture from chemicals in swimming pools, or from sweat that leaves behind salt, enzymes, and bacteria.
  4. Stay hydrated. With warmer temperatures and more activity, drink more water. Your body tends to lose a lot of moisture in the summer, so it’s important to regularly replenish the H2O. Hydration is always important for our skin, but even more so in the summer.

No matter what the season, the needs of the skin may change due to many different factors like age, medication, diet, etc. It can be confusing to determine what products and procedures are best for your skin type. Rather than guessing, consult a professional who can analyze your skin and recommend the best procedures and home care routine for you.

Jennifer Solis, owner of Bless These Brows, is a Licensed Aesthetician and Medical Aesthetics Certified. She specializes in skin rejuvenation procedures such as micro-dermabrasion and dermaplaning as well as micro-blading, which is a semi-permanent procedure to fill in thinning brows. She is located at 1212 Towanda Ave. For more information on services and appointment scheduling link, visit her website You can also reach her by phone at 309-831-7433.