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Enriching the LivWell Legacy


Whether planned or unplanned, life transitions can be stressful, especially when it comes to decisions about later-life transition. There is much to consider—when is the right time, am I or my loved one ready or willing, what living communities or other solutions are appropriate for me or my loved one’s situation, how do we begin this overwhelming process?  LivWell Seniors has been helping Quad City families navigate this stressful transition since 2012. With Senior Resource Specialists located in Iowa/Illinois Quad Cities, Iowa City, and Des Moines, LivWell Seniors’ Senior Resource Specialists serve as personal and professional advocates who work closely with the family to navigate the broad network of senior living solutions that include senior living communities, relocation and downsizing services, real estate professionals, and other vital resources. 

Having worked in the senior living and eldercare industry for a number of years, LivWell Seniors’ founder, Rhonda Halterman, says the concept for her company evolved as she consistently worked with individuals and families struggling with the emotional stress brought on by two primary factors:  information overload and the misconception regarding the standard of living in today’s senior living communities. “I have worked with countless families faced with the challenge of finding the time to balance work and family in order to sort through regulations, health and financial criteria, as well as the long laundry list of living options.”

LivWell Seniors works closely with each individual or family to provide resources appropriate to their unique situation. Based on the client’s clinical and financial profile, the Senior Resource Specialists will utilize their knowledge of the local market, care services, price structures, and other applicable resources to help the family narrow their search and identify potential solutions. With this information in hand, the Senior Resource Specialists will coordinate tours and offer points to consider and questions to ask while visiting the various communities. Rhonda explains that “many of the families that we work with find themselves having to make these life-impacting decisions in a short period of time. Sometimes the enormity of options can become confusing and overwhelming. Then you add to this, the emotional aspect of having to move themselves or their loved one out of their home. Too often, families feel that their search has been rushed and uninformed. It is our goal that every individual that we assist receives the guidance and support to make a timely yet informed decision.”

There will be a significant increase in the population reaching 80 years of age in the next 10 years, as the first wave of the Baby Boomers turn 80 in the year 2025. People age 80 and over are most likely to need long-term care. A key factor that will affect these seniors in particular is the fact that one in four Boomers is at risk of becoming an “elder orphan,” or one without family relationships due to divorce, death of a spouse and/or child(ren), or never having married. Additionally, the childless rate among the older population is projected to increase by 21 percent by 2040. Because many of today’s families are less likely to be rooted where their parents live, it is six times more likely that seniors age 75 and older will not have children residing nearby in 2030. (“The Journey of Caregiving; Honor, Responsibility, and Financial Complexity”; Life Stages: Caregiving; study conducted by Merrill Lynch, in partnership with Age Wave)

LivWell Seniors information and referral services offers a comprehensive approach that is 100 percent FREE to seniors and their families. It has always been a goal for Rhonda to keep the services of LivWell Seniors free to families. LivWell Seniors’ revenue stream comes from referral fees paid by the facility when a client moves into the private pay community. However, the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute states that payment to a placement agency for the referral of residents covered by Medicare or Medicaid is not allowed. And, over the years, Rhonda has seen an influx of economically disadvantaged seniors who require the same services, which makes it difficult to sustain this free business model.

For more information on LivWell Seniors, please call: Quad Cities—Rhonda Halterman, Ph: 563-265-1577 or rhonda@livwellseniors.com; Iowa City—Marcie Durian, Ph: 319-322-8582 or marcie@livwellseniors.com; or Des Moines—Kelly Caldbeck, Ph:  515-978-1577 or kelly@livwellseniors.com. Visit www.livwellseniors.com or www.qclivwellcares.com