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Submitted by Pamela Klim, Independent Distributor of Advocare World Class Nutritional Supplements

My Results — I lost an incredible 65 pounds in 9-1/2 months, went
from a size 18 to a 6, and have kept it off for 10 years! I look and
feel better than I have in my entire life, and it continues to be easy
because of Advocare World Class Nutritional Supplements! I am a wife and
mother of three teenagers, residing in Bettendorf, Iowa.

In my
estimation, the lifestyle of total health and wellness is valuable
beyond measure. It was 11 years ago that I was introduced to “the
missing piece” to my total lifestyle transformation… Advocare World
Class Nutritional Supplements!

After struggling for months to
lose weight and inches by doing “all the right things” (exercising
regularly and following a healthy eating plan) and seeing no results, I
started the Advocare 24-Day Challenge Program.

The 24-Day Challenge Program
The challenge consists of two phases: “The Cleanse Phase” and “The
Max Phase.” “The Cleanse Phase” is the first 10 days of the program. It
gently cleanses the body of toxins and impurities and sets the body up
for optimal absorption of nutrients from our food and Advocare
Supplements. Advocare’s Herbal Cleanse is superior. It is actually
recommended that for outstanding health and wellness, a person benefits
greatly by doing the Herbal Cleanse once every 90 days.

second half of the challenge is known as “The Max Phase.” In this phase,
optimal amounts of high-quality nutrition are introduced into the body,
allowing depleted stores of nutrients to be restored and replenished.
With this comes the benefit of increased metabolism, increased energy,
and maximum results.

My incredible results are what prompted me
to become an Advocare distributor. Knowing first-hand the struggle and
discouragement people face in the pursuit of weight loss and optimal
health, and now having the solution that most people are looking for, I
knew Advocare would allow me to make a significant difference in the
lives of others. It has been a true joy to help people Embrace the
Lifestyle of total health and wellness.

About Advocare
Advocare was created nearly 21 years ago by a man named Charlie
Ragus. Charlie had a vision for a company that would create the high
quality nutritional supplements made available to the public through the
direct sales business model. The Advocare Opportunity allows
highly-trained independent distributors to offer solutions for peoples
lives in both health and finances.

Advocare Supplements are
produced to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.
Guided by a prestigious scientific and medical advisory board, and
having products tested and certified banned-substance free by Informed
Choice, a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products.
Advocare products remain second to none. They are created for everyone
in the marketplace… men, women, children, and athletes. They are a
full-spectrum line of supplements encompassing weight loss, energy and
mental focus, sports performance, and overall general health and

Getting Started
A personal
one-on-one free consultation is how I start my clients on Advocare. The
meeting consists of gathering health and lifestyle information from the
client, determining their goals, and custom-fitting the Advocare
supplement regimen to their goals and budget. A time frame for reaching
their goals is established, and they receive a complimentary healthy
eating plan and daily regimen to follow with their program. We make a
baseline assessment of their beginning weight and inches, and take those
all-important “before” photos.

I also provide personal
follow-up throughout their program, as well as the guidance and support
they need as they begin their health and lifestyle transformation.

The Advocare Results
Speaking of transformation, I am overjoyed to share the results of
some of the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of helping with

Eight months ago, wife and mother of four small
children, Ali Grise of Bettendorf, Iowa, had reached her highest weight
ever. She knew she needed help, and Advocare became her solution. She
began the 24-Day Challenge and has gone from a Size 22 to a 12, and is
not finished yet. She is currently down 80 pounds and feels amazing. As a
result, Ali has begun helping others gain back their health and improve
their finances with the Advocare opportunity.

Dr. Chris and
Michelle Beckwith of Rock Island, Illinois, also know the tremendous
benefits of Advocare products. Being an avid weight trainer and
fitness-conscious individual, Dr. Beckwith, a board-certified
chiropractic neurologist in Moline, Illinois, found Advocare to be the
only nutritional supplementation he had ever used that gave him the
results he had always desired. Becoming the leanest and strongest he has
ever been, and gaining and maintaining more than 18 pounds of muscle,
has made him a believer in the benefits of Advocare supplements.

Michelle Beckwith loves Advocare. She lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks and
went on to earn the title of “Mrs. Illinois International 2008” and
“Mrs. Illinois American Spirit 2011.” Because of Advocare, Michelle has
maintained her results for many years, and knows that they played an
integral part in being her very best and earning the pageant titles.
Advocare has now become an important part of helping people through
their chiropractic neurology clinic in Moline, as well.

of a beautiful CrossFit gym in Bettendorf, Iowa, Joanie Steil and Ben
Bowman, have introduced Advocare supplements into their gym as a way of
offering safe and effective supplements to their members. CrossFit is a
physically demanding workout, and Advocare products provide all of the
performance, endurance, and recovery a person needs, not to mention
increased results in weight loss and energy. They’ve been thrilled with
the results they’ve personally experienced with Advocare supplements, as
well as those of their members.

Quality of Life
“Paying it forward” is what one motivated lady did to help her
family. Amy Brown, a registered nurse residing in Milan, Illinois, says
she just didn’t feel well most of the time. Although she didn’t have a
weight issue, she knew she needed high-quality nutrition and was ready
to place a strong focus on getting healthy and feeling good. She became
aware of me and how I help people get healthy with Advocare through last
January’s cover of Healthy Cells Magazine. Like many others, she read
the article and gave me a call. We met, and Amy got started on Advocare.
She was astounded at how great she felt, and the incredible results she
experienced. She immediately shared it with her mom, Diane Lindquist,
of Alpha, Illinois. Diane wanted weight loss and energy. I went to her
home and we met to get her started as well. As we were talking at her
kitchen island, her husband Joe overheard our conversation. He proceeded
to join us and said, “I want to lose weight also, but in addition to
that, I really just want to feel good again.” Both Joe and Diane began
the Advocare 24-Day Challenge and have completely transformed their
health as a result. To date, Diane has lost over 16 pounds and an
astounding 25 inches. Joe has lost over 33 pounds and 24 inches. They
feel better than they’ve felt in years, and all three of these family
members are now sharing Advocare with everyone they know and building
the business! Joe says, “I know a whole lot of people that would want
what we’ve found with Advocare.”

It’s truly inspirational, isn’t
it? I honestly don’t know where I’d be if Advocare had not become a
part of my life. With the rising cost of health insurance, and over 66
percent of Americans in need of weight loss and improved health,
Advocare provides an easy, unique, and lasting solution to optimal
health and wellness. Could this be your “missing piece”?

Pamela Klim is an Advocare Independent Distributor, residing in
Bettendorf, Iowa. Pam’s passion is helping people achieve optimal health
and wellness, weight loss, and/or sports performance with Advocare
World Class Nutritional Supplements. She also had a tremendous passion
for helping people change their financial circumstances for the better
with the Advocare Income Opportunity.

For more information, please contact Pam at 563-940-2295, or visit her website at: www.advocare.com/03034246. Her email is klimwellness@gmail.com She looks forward to meeting you!