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Dressing the Part – How Maggie Landed a Job in Just Three Short Days


During their recent third birthday party event at Dress for Success Quad Cities, a long-awaited video created by Royal Neighbors of America and featuring client Margaret “Maggie” Daniel, made its debut. Tearing up as she watched it for the first time, you can’t help but feel the overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment for a woman who has come a long way after many life challenges.

Maggie, a mother of four grown children worked various jobs over the years as she kept trying to move forward in life. She tended bar and worked in machine shops and was briefly enrolled in college, but had to stop when she was diagnosed with cancer. After suffering a stroke and having heart surgery, Maggie was working at the Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House, before it closed in September 2012. With retraining opportunities available, Maggie smartly decided to use the stipend she received to go back to school again in search of a better career at this stage in her life.

Maggie decided to attend Scott Community College and was near successful completion of a degree as a professional administrative assistant. After hearing about Dress for Success Quad Cities at Scott Community College and knowing her wardrobe consisted mostly of t-shirts and sweatpants, Maggie went to an instructor to ask how to receive the help. She was referred to Larry Jackson, one of the approved Referral Partners for Scott Community College. Knowing Larry already, Maggie decided to go straight to him, as she was attending a career fair the next day. She knew she had nothing professional to wear for an interview and eagerly sought the help of Dress for Success Quad Cities.

While attending the career fair, Maggie was offered an interview opportunity the very next day. Larry called the Referral number to get Maggie in immediately. Since Dress for Success Quad Cities can usually provide suitings for interviews within 24 hours, and thanks to Maggie’s active pursuit, she was able to get into Dress for Success Quad Cities in time.

Now well prepared and dressing the part, Maggie walked confidently through the doors of the Kahl Home in Davenport for her interview and landed the job! As Maggie put it, “Oftentimes, employers know whether or not they will hire you within 30 seconds of walking in the door based solely on attire.” Maggie’s interviewer later confessed that she already knew in that short amount of time that she would offer her the job!

From comfy clothes to career attire within a series of just three short days, Maggie landed a job in her chosen field with the help of Scott Community College and Dress for Success Quad Cities.

When Maggie’s not working hard, she enjoys Saturday movie nights with her grandbabies, of which she has nine, complete with popcorn. Saturday sleepovers lead to attending church on Sunday morning as a family. Congratulations, Maggie! You are Going Places Going Strong!

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