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Don’t Mesh Around with a Leaky Bladder


Submitted by Diamond Medical Spa & Vein

The Problem — According to medical studies, the embarrassment from Stress Urinary Incontinence is shared by 35-37 percent of women in the USA. The subject is so embarrassing that only 56 percent will discuss this problem with a physician. 46 percent of women keep their leaking problem a personal secret, all to themselves and suffer silently. The most exciting addition to Dr. Yates’ Diamond Medical Spa practice is ThermiVa which was recently featured on “The Doctors” TV show. As he explains, “Every woman knows a woman that leaks (urine) from time to time. It is a delicate topic that deserves to be treated with sensitivity, respect, and compassion.”

The Solution — ThermiVa is the latest nonsurgical noninvasive treatment of Vulvovaginal Laxity. ThermiVa treats Urinary Incontinence, Urinary Urgency, Vaginal Prolapse, Poor Sensation during intimacy, Orgasmic Dysfunction, Vaginal Dryness, saggy outer vaginal skin (Vulvar Laxity), Enlarged Labia Minora, and Labia Majora. This painless vaginal rejuvenation procedure takes 30 minutes over three sessions. There is no downtime, no needles, no cutting, no anesthesia, no mesh, and no known complications. ThermiVa revives sensation, restores vaginal muscle function, and reclaims youthful function of the vagina using radiofrequency energy to improve blood flow circulation to the female genital structures. Women can see an immediate result and can return to sexual intimacy the same day. The procedure has an amazingly high satisfaction rate.

The Anatomy — The causes of Vulvovaginal Laxity typically results from overstretching of the vagina during childbirth. A long, hard labor or very fast delivery can overstretch six key muscles in the pelvis. The Levator Ani muscle group is the largest and most vulnerable. Large babies can tear the vaginal support muscles which may heal poorly, resulting in a loose vagina with weakened muscle and damaged nerves. During delivery, the baby’s head can crush nerves in the urethra against the pubic bone which sometimes do not fully recover.

LeRoy Yates, M.D. is a pelvic reconstructive surgeon. The risk of requiring surgery to treat Urinary Incontinence is 11 percent. Prior to ThermiVa, he performed many Transvaginal Urethral Sling Suspension or Abdominal Sacrocolpopexies using sutures and or mesh. Dr. Yates happily says he, “doesn’t need to ‘mesh around’ very much anymore!”  As a dedicated women’s advocate, Dr. Yates  believes the nonsurgical, noninvasive, approach is best for the majority of women. He admits that some women with severe pelvic laxity may benefit more from a surgical procedure. Anyone interested in ThermiVa has a consultation including a physical exam.

ThermiVa has the highest satisfaction ratings on RealSelf.com and is one of the features of the ThermiRF system. The procedure is so safe that Dr. Yates allows his female providers to provide ThermiVa therapy in the privacy of one’s home. There are laser systems available that treat vulvovaginal laxity but lasers cannot deliver collagen building heat to deep muscle structures. Radiofrequency is superior to any laser for this application.

The ThermiRF platform is the most innovative form of radio frequency technology for skin tightening that offers precise, predictable results — from neutralizing wrinkles and frown lines, lifting saggy areas of skin, and more. This is accomplished with a non-invasive smooth topical probe or a minimally invasive needle sized probe. There is no scarring, no pain, or downtime. The technology is so accurate and precise due to employing a FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) camera and dual temperature controlled monitoring. Without question, pound for pound, it is the single most valuable piece of equipment I own due to the variety of therapies it allows me to perform,” says Dr. Yates.

LeRoy Yates, M.D., FACOG, FACPh is one of a select number of physicians who understands that by taking care of yourself you can dramatically slow the aging process. Part of the formula involves going to a specialist that knows the latest techniques in rejuvenation and anti-aging. The next part of the equation is Dr. Yates knows how to help maintain a youthful appearance over time. Lastly, he has some of the most precise cosmetic equipment in the world and knows how to carefully and predictably turn back the ‘hands of time’. As he explains, “At Diamond Medical Spa & Vein we practice the future of medicine. We have a breadth of offerings that sets us apart from competitors. We have invested in education, training, and extensive experience to deliver excellence in all we do to give our patients the best of care. The thing that really separates us from competitors is that we listen carefully and spend a lot of time to have a ‘meeting of the minds’ with our clients. Communication is key. We want their experience to be worthwhile and to achieve their aesthetic goals. We also have the honesty and integrity to refer patients out when their needs will be better served elsewhere. We want everyone who we care for to be happy.”

Nestled in a prime location at 53rd Street and Elmore Avenue, in Davenport, Iowa, StarBucks, Noodles and Arby’s are next door to Diamond Medical. Some of the best amenities at Dr. Yates’ practice come from offering a very calm atmosphere. This includes chill out Brazilian, jazz or the clients’ choice of relaxing music. Large screen TV monitors in every room display pleasing views and warm soft colors but are also used for client education. This medical spa also includes a separate VIP entrance with supple leather sofas in the waiting room and designer lamps that cast soft light shadows on the ceiling. The concierge approach also includes serving complimentary beverages, snacks, and other special treats. First time clients are offered a complimentary Visia Complexion Analysis. A private aesthetic suite offers convenience with many up-scaled amenities. The ‘Diamond Girl’ clothing line brand caps and blouses launched recently.

|Dr. LeRoy Yates is dually board certified in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Phlebology (venous diseases). He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Illinois Chicago, a Medical Degree from Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in Maywood, Illinois, and completed his OB/Gyn Residency at the University of Illinois Affiliate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Dr. LeRoy Yates is licensed to practice medicine in Iowa. As an inventor, Dr. Yates holds patents on QuickHyst, a gyn medical electrosurgical device. The patents are for the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia. He is married to Michelle Yates M.D., ABIM, ABEM who is dually board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Together they run the business.

Dr. LeRoy Yates adds, “We have unique offerings, such as, laparoscopic breast implant augmentation under local anesthesia, Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift and facial rejuvenation using stem cell enriched fat transfer. We take pride in our ‘minimally invasive, maximized results’ approach. We offer a wide range of services that no one in town can match.” Dr. Yates has been doing cosmetic surgery since 1996. He is a pioneer in laser technology and was trained in IPL laser technology by some of the best in the world. He was one of the first in the state to perform laparoscopic hysterectomies in 1995 and one of the first to preform endovenous ablation of varicose veins, dating back to 2003 and one of the first to bring Adult Regenerative (Stem) Cell Therapy to Iowa in 2012. Dr. Yates is again one of the first in Iowa to provide adipose derived regenerative stem cell therapy. As he adds, “We have been on the frontier of medical advances for office based practice. We have found uses for enriched stem cells, such as, the treatment of cosmetic enhancements to the face, breast, buttocks, and some connective tissue disorders, diabetes, thyroid, orthopedic, and liver disorders.”  

When queried about the best advice for anti-aging, Dr. Yates suggests regular exercise, maintaining normal weight, and good nutrition as one top priority. Diamond Medical Spa and Vein offers medical  weight management services and organic weight management that focuses on whole food nutrition and colon health. For those who need to “kick start” their self-improvement, various body contouring options are available. Proper sunscreen and UV protection, as well as medical grade products to strengthen skin, keep bacteria down, and wipe off pre-cancer spots are a focus of good health care at Diamond.

Indeed, Dr. Yates’ practice expertise extends broad and wide. In the mid 90’s, he began practicing cosmetic dermatology and vein surgery. His passions include endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), cosmetic laser therapies, facial fillers, anti-aging therapies, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy treatment of venous disorders, personal feminine rejuvenation procedures, hysteroscopic sterilization, endometrial ablation, liposculpting, non-invasive body contouring, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, as well as general OB/GYN. Dr. Yates is a member of a number of medical associations and charitable non-profit boards. His wife, Michelle Yates, M.D. attended the University of Illinois in Urbana and earned a B.S. in biology. She then attended Loyola University Medical Center for both medical and an Internal Medicine residency. Michelle has also been an emergency physician for the past 23 years and has assisted her husband. Practice perfect are two words that connect when it comes to Dr. Yates. In fact, the practice is engaging in every sense of the word. With a diverse practice focus, friendly group of courteous staff members, and a pleasing ambiance, Dr. LeRoy Yates and Dr. Michelle Yates are uniquely poised to assist you in every way.

The best in beauty and health has been reshaped in recent years. Diamond uses the finest equipment available. To view the amazing before and after photos and testimonials from satisfied patients please visit www.diamondmedicalspaandvein.com.

With a bit of time and commitment, you can have what you once thought was not possible at Diamond Medical Spa & Vein, 3170 E. 53rd Street in Davenport. Call 563-275-4701 today to schedule a consultation.