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Do I Need Life Insurance at My Age?


Submitted by Modern Woodmen

Taylor Swift. Mariah Carey. Stevie Wonder. What do these people have in common (besides powerful lungs and a few Grammys on their shelves)?  Despite their age differences, all three have a need for the protection life insurance provides. Whether you’re a Taylor, a Stevie, or someone in between, you have protection needs too. However, the reasons behind those needs are likely different.

Age is just one factor that influences the type of life insurance you purchase, how much you need, and the primary reason for owning it. Check out the chart inside for some points people in your age group may want to consider. Then contact your representative to discuss your individual needs.

Let’s start the conversation. Contact Ruth Ahnen, FIC, of Modern Woodmen of America, located at 2435 E. Kimberly Rd., Suite 310S, in Bettendorf. Call 563-508-0842, or e-mail ruth.ahnen@mwarep.org.

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