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divvy DOSE: Not Only Makes Life Easier, It Will Make America Healthier


Whether it’s an elderly person in their 80s, someone living with a chronic heart condition, or someone suffering from diabetes, modern medicines have made it possible for people once heavily burdened with disease to live long, healthy lives.

So when a patient runs into obstacles in their treatment simply because they have trouble taking their medications properly, it’s incredibly frustrating to doctors.

That’s why Arvind Movva, MD, founded divvyDOSE, a new pharmacy headquartered in Rock Island. Dr. Movva, a Gastroenterologist in Moline, could see an obvious need for helping people keep their medications straight.

We are conditioned to using pillboxes. The old day-by-day, and even hour-by-hour, pill boxes that have been around for years. However, what good is it if the pillbox isn’t loaded properly, or if that free pill reminder app doesn’t sync right because so many medications from so many doctors need to be refilled at different times?

divvyDOSE simplifies taking your medications because all your prescriptions are centralized in one pharmacy. For just your regular co-pay, divvyDOSE automatically fills all your pills, and packages them in packs that are labeled by hour, and by date. Every pack is inspected using both cutting edge imaging technology, and by a pharmacist personally, making it three times more accurate than the standard pharmacy filling process. Then, every four weeks, the medications come on a perforated roll, packaged in chronological order. You just tear off each pack when it’s time.

No more trying to remember if the blue pill is to be taken in the morning, or at night. No more searching through all those pill bottles when you can’t remember which pill is to be taken every eight hours. Let me introduce you to your new pharmacy, divvyDOSE — the solution to the problem.

Healthcare: Enough of a Hassle Already
Healthcare today can be cumbersome. Pre-authorizations, referrals, figuring out insurance coverage, generic vs. brands, not to mention all the trips to the pharmacy.

But something as simple as filling your prescriptions shouldn’t be such a hassle. Why not let your pharmacy do what they do best: manage your medications? If we trust them to fill our prescriptions correctly, we should trust them to sort them, as well.

Non-adherence (when a patient doesn’t take their medication correctly) results in $290 billion per year in wasted spending.  Occasionally, people even pay the ultimate price if they don’t take their medications exactly as prescribed.

But is it really any wonder that people sometimes don’t take their medications correctly? How many times have you let a refill slide, simply because you didn’t have time to drive to the store — not to mention wait in line? Sometimes, just coordinating a refill with the doctor or pharmacist can be a hassle.

“My friend goes to her pharmacy seven times a month to pick up her different medications,” said Frances Krahl, of Illinois. “divvyDOSE solves that by synchronizing all my prescriptions for me.”

Mary Batey, an Iowa resident, said, not only was keeping her family’s medications straight difficult before divvyDOSE, but since vitamins don’t come in brown bottles with labels, remembering when to take those further complicated things.

“divvyDOSE has changed the way my family takes pills,” she said. “We are now more organized, and it is easier to remember to take vitamins and prescriptions at the right time, every time. I would recommend this service to anyone.”

Sign Up: We’re Only High-tech if You Want Us to Be
Signing up for divvyDOSE isn’t just easy — it’s pleasant.

Our “Customer Happiness Experts” appreciate your business, and your time. If you prefer to sign up online, you can do that. You’ll find it’s a very user-friendly system, and not at all complicated for people with basic computer knowledge.

But for those of you who don’t have a computer, you don’t need one. We don’t even need an email address. Just call 844-693-4889, and your call will be answered quickly by a customer service expert who speaks with courtesy and clarity.

While most calls only take about five minutes, we won’t rush you. You can take all the time you need, and ask as many questions as you want.

Signing up for divvyDOSE really isn’t complicated. We’ll ask for basic information, like your phone number and your address. We will need to know which pharmacies you currently use. More than one is just fine — mail order, too.

Finally, we will need a credit card number, or a check number, for ACH withdrawals.

Don’t worry. You will not be billed until your first divvyDOSE box is ready to ship. We run a test through your insurance company to find out exactly how much your prescriptions will cost with divvyDOSE. Most of the time, your co-pays remain about the same. Once we do that, our pharmacist will personally call you to discuss the cost, and answer any questions you may have. You won’t be obligated to pay anything until you know the cost of your first divvyDOSE, and you give us the OK to ship it.

If you switch to divvyDOSE and decide it’s just not a good fit for you, no problem. We’ll switch everything back to how it was, and refund DOUBLE your out-of-pocket costs for the first 30 days.

You don’t need to list all the medications you’re taking. You don’t need to call your doctor. We don’t even need your insurance information; our team will take care of all of that for you.

Tell us what vitamins and other over-the-counter medications you’re taking, and we will include those in your divvyDOSE, too. If you are not sure what vitamins or supplements you could be benefitting from, our licensed pharmacist can provide you with recommendations.

To ensure a smooth transition, signing up before your prescriptions need to be refilled works best — giving us time to get your first divvyDOSE together, and ready to ship.

divvyDOSE: A Way to Liberate Burnt Out Caregivers
For seniors, managing medications can be overwhelming. Not only are most of them on multiple medications, but when memory is impaired, keeping straight when to take your pills becomes even more challenging. It also becomes dangerous.

One of the things that ultimately can rob a person of their capacity to live independently is their inability to properly manage their medications. Home care workers can remind them to take their medications, but they are not authorized to distribute the medications without being nursing certified.

For caregivers, divvyDOSE is a simple, obvious first step in helping a senior stay healthy. Not only does it make dosing so easy, the senior may even be able to get back on track taking their medications on their own, but for a caregiver who distributes medication, it can mean the reclamation of literally hours every month. “People don’t want to be standing in line at the pharmacy instead of playing with their kids. Caretakers want to be spending time with mom — not time with her pill bottles,” stated Arvind Movva, MD, Founder of divvyDOSE.

divvyDOSE even offers caregivers an online dashboard, so they can directly manage a loved one’s medication, and know if they are being adherent or not.

So far, divvyDOSE is available in 28 states and Washington DC, with nationwide service coming in early 2016. For the Quad-Cities, that means 20 to 30 new jobs in the next few months, with many more planned as the company grows.

We already are known for being the headquarters for the world’s greatest tractors, and the country’s best ice cream. Now, a pharmacy revolution is happening right here in the Quad-Cities: divvyDOSE.

To get started with divvyDOSE today, visit www.divvyDOSE.com or call 844.693.4889.