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Creating an Experience You’ll Feel Good About


Imagine finding out tomorrow that you or a loved one needs surgery. If you had an opportunity to design the perfect surgery experience, what would that look like for you? An experienced team of doctors and nurses? A comfortable environment where your safety and well-being are the priority? The choice to heal and recover in the comfort of your own home?

At the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center & Endoscopy Center, we’ve designed the patient care experience around you. From the nurses preparing you for surgery to the doctors and postoperative team — each and every person at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center & Endoscopy Center is focused on providing you with a surgery experience you’ll feel good about.

A big part of the Surgery Center’s ongoing success has been its willingness to listen to patients and make adjustments when needed.

“The key to great care is having a passionate team of people who focus on the needs of our patients,” said Michael Patterson, President and CEO of the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center & Endoscopy Center. “Every patient gets an opportunity to tell us about the experience they’ve had with us. We ask them about what went well, what we could have done better, and if there are any employees they’d like to recognize. If there is a challenge, it’s addressed immediately. We hold ourselves accountable on every level for the well-being of each and every patient we see.”

What’s the best way to learn about Mississippi Valley Surgery Center? Ask those who have experienced it firsthand. When you do, several key themes emerge again and again. These include the level of expertise demonstrated by our physicians, nurses and other team members; the comfortable and caring surroundings; an environment that promotes healing and a personal touch.

Expertise: Treatment From Specialists
Because the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center team specializes in outpatient surgeries and procedures, the team has expert knowledge in the latest, proven techniques that lead to better outcomes and faster recovery times.

“I absolutely felt my anesthesiologist was the best ever,” said Teresa, a recent Mississippi Valley Surgery Center patient. “She really took her time to make me feel comfortable. She knew I had gotten sick from the anesthesia before and wanted to try to make me feel comfortable. She did, because I did not get sick at all. How do you say thank you enough when someone takes such good care of you?”

The Outpatient Advantage
Most people feel physically and emotionally more comfortable in an outpatient facility. That’s because out patient facilities are often more convenient and more personal than a hospital setting. From registration through discharge, the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center & Endoscopy Center offers a relaxed environment with a medical staff focused on offering individualized patient care. In addition, by design, patients spend the majority of their recovery in the privacy of their own homes.

Anna, a recent Surgery Center patient, agreed.

“I was in a life-threatening car accident and I am very thankful to all the nurses at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center who helped me feel comfortable physically and mentally,” she said. “I was very anxious, but they explained the process and helped me relax and feel comfortable. The entire staff made me feel safe and as comfortable as possible during a traumatic time in my life. What could have been a career-ending injury has only been a minor set-back. I could tell they cared about my recovery and needs as a person — more than just as a patient. I highly recommend the Surgery Center to anyone having a surgical procedure done.”

Staff and Surroundings That Promote Healing

A safe, secure and comforting environment is a key factor in healing. Patients also need physical comforts, such as the right room temperature, beds, lighting, and noise reduction.

That’s where the Surgery Center’s exemplary nursing team comes into play. The Center’s team of nurses and health care professionals are dedicated to providing comfortable and secure surroundings that promote healing.

“This is our third visit in the last month and everything went well. First, both my wife and I had cataract surgery. Second, my wife had varicose vein surgery. Third, I had a second cataract surgery,” Robert said of his recent experiences at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center. “The nurses did an excellent job taking care of us at all our visits. They made us feel at home and relaxed. You couldn’t find better nurses anywhere. Please give them my thanks.”

A Thoughtful Team at Every Level

Surgery can be an overwhelming experience, and that’s why the team at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center goes above and beyond to make sure patients not only understand the procedure that will be performed, but also feel cared for throughout the entire experience.

George, a recent Surgery Center patient, experienced this firsthand with Dr. Tyson Cobb, a member of the team at Orthopaedic Specialist in Davenport, Iowa and a pioneer in the use of minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. Dr. Cobb chooses to perform many of his surgeries at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center.

“Dr. Cobb himself called me the same evening after my surgery to inquire how I was doing, if I was comfortable and if I had any questions,” said George, who had a minimally invasive procedure on his hand at the Surgery Center. “I’ve had 26 surgeries in my lifetime, and I have never had a doctor personally call me to see how I was doing post-surgery. The whole team was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable, and seemed to go out of their way to make the patient comfortable and to assure the patient understood all the steps involved in the surgical procedure.”

It’s All About the Personal Touch
Mississippi Valley Surgery Center & Endoscopy Center patients quickly realize that an ambulatory surgery center provides a much more personal experience than a hospital setting. From the moment they walk through the door, patients are treated as more than just a case number — they receive attentive and personal care that makes them feel at ease with the entire experience.

“Everything was wonderful — from the receptionist to the nursing care and doctor,” said Pat. “The patient care is outstanding, and it’s the nicest facility I have ever been too. My husband’s birthday was the day of surgery, and our nurse sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and gave him a gift.” As you can see, the centers staff make you feel part of the family.

Over recent years, health care has changed, and patients now have choices about how they are treated and where procedures are performed. Speak to your doctor about whether the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center & Endoscopy Center is a fit for you and experience all these benefits firsthand. The choice is yours.

Mississippi Valley Surgery Center provides a convenient and patient-centered facility for outpatient surgical services. The Mississippi Valley Surgery Center, located at 3400 Dexter Court, Suite 200 in Davenport, was formed in 1996 by a group of physicians with one priority in mind: improve the patient experience.

Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center provides that same level of care in a facility focused completely on digestive health and healing. The 10-year-old Endoscopy Center, where physicians perform colonoscopies, esophageal endoscopies, and other gastrointestinal procedures, is located at 5041 Utica Ridge Road, Suite 200 in Davenport.

Together, both locations perform approximately 9,000 procedures each year — from ear tube insertions to joint replacements — and employ approximately 110 staff, including both clinical and non-clinical personnel, under the direction of a physician-led board of directors.

For more information about the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center & Endoscopy Center, visit www.mvhealth.net or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MississippiValleySurgeryCenter. They are located at 3400 Dexter Court, Suite 200 Davenport, IA.