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Come On In… The Water’s Great!


Submitted by Lutheran Hillside Village

Jumping in to the benefits of aquatic exercise… A show of hands, please. How many people loath exercising? Yes, we know it’s good for us. Yes, we are aware of the benefits and the feeling of endorphins promised. But that doesn’t mean that we like it. Out of boredom, pain, or even difficulty, exercise never sounds appealing.

So here we sit on an island of personal rebuke. Most likely, we chastise ourselves the most for not pushing through the pain or having the determination to just do it. It’s a terrible island to be on. But what if right there, on the edge of the island, was the answer? The water.

Aquatic exercise has been around for thousands of years. From Asia to Greece, people as early as 2400 B.C. were diving in to receive the benefits that the good ole H2O was offering. And the benefits are numerous.

Particularly forgiving for those with weight or joint issues, aquatic exercises reduce gravity’s effect on the body, while cushioning stiff and fragile bones during exercise. While gaining relief from symptoms associated with senior health conditions such as arthritis, joint disease, and circulatory problems, the results also include increased heart rate, strength, and balance.

Dave Greer and Walter Gutzwiller from Lutheran Hillside Village love attending aquatic classes at Pierce Community Center. “We go two times a week for a 45-minute class,” said Dave. “I believe that this exercise routine has been really effective at helping me maintain flexibility and balance.” Walter agrees, “It keeps me moving and going!”

Liz Thorp, Fitness/Aquatics Manager at Pierce said Dave and Walter aren’t the only ones who love it. “These classes are really popular and necessary. I see them energized and smiling because of what they accomplish.”

And don’t forget the social “kick” that comes from doing water aerobics with others. “There is a camaraderie that’s developed between us all,” said Dave. “And we’ve gotten to meet some regulars that are a part of the group that come from other places.”

A show of hands. How many are ready to grab a suit and jump right in?… The water’s great!

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Photo credit: Christopher Futcher/iStock