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Some may find it interesting when a healthy, active, independent woman in her mid-70s chooses to move into a retirement community. For Elizabeth, the decision just made sense. “Friendship Manor is a well-established community with continuum care,” she said. “I wanted to become part of the community while I could be an active participant with the other residents in mutual interests and shared activities.”

Elizabeth has lived an interesting and full life and is continuing that trajectory within the supportive community of Independent Living. She studied geography in college and married Curt, a geography professor. Together they traveled, lived throughout the United States, and even lived abroad in New Zealand on two occasions. They were both founding members of Heritage Documentaries and worked collaboratively on Curt’s publications. Together, they raised two children and retired in Moline, Curt’s hometown. They lived in the house where he grew up, built by his grandfather.


So, Why Move Before She Needed To?

“I was ready to simplify my life by disposing of many of my belongings and freeing myself from the responsibilities of homeownership,” Elizabeth said. “This has been liberating for me.”

Elizabeth stressed the importance of making the decision for herself, rather than leaving it to others to make the call for her. She said that her children “are very grateful I initiated this conversation.” It was reassuring to her to join a community while she could comfortably adjust to a new place and routine.

For Elizabeth, coming to Friendship Manor instead of downsizing or finding a standard apartment gave her access to the many services available, including a library, meals, activities, transportation, and more, no matter the weather. She enjoys being near friends and neighbors, with the comfort of having her own space. On a more practical note, Elizabeth appreciates having a generator when the power grid is down. “I now call Friendship Manor my home,” she said.


Elizabeth’s Advice to Those Looking to Move Into a

Senior Community?

“Make a list of needs and hopes that are important to you and your family. Tour communities in your area to get a good sense of what is available,” she said.

Elizabeth was lucky to have family and friends that have lived or still reside at Friendship Manor whom she was able to speak with before making her decision. Most of all, she recommends being open to new opportunities and possibilities.

Elizabeth’s story resonates with many of the Friendship Manor Independent Living residents. Time and time again, we hear the importance of making the decision while YOU still can and not leaving it to others to make those choices for you.


              If you’re interested in learning more about what an Independent Living option looks like for you, call Friendship Manor at (309) 786-9667.