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What’s It Like To Float Away?

By a Client of Aches Away Massage Therapy I’m always interested in trying out different methods for improving my health. Sometimes I stick with things, and other times it’s once and done. I tried hypnosis to help me overcome the craving for Diet Coke and sugar. The raw juice cleanse, purported to rid my body […]

One Degree Functional Health—Neuropathy Care Makes Good Sense

By Alexander Germanis We are connected to our world by far more than just the laws of physics. Our senses of sight, smell, hearing, and taste enable us to react and interact to so much of the world around us. Touch, however, is the sense we use not just to react and interact to the […]

Peoria Ear, Nose, & Throat — Preserving the Sounds of Life

By Alexander Germanis The first sound of life is the high-pitched cry emitted by a newborn. It is so important a sound if an obstetrician does not hear it the baby is immediately inspected to see if he or she is actually breathing. Sound plays such a crucial role in our lives starting with that […]

Cardiac Thoracic & Endovascular Therapies, S.C. – Saving Your Circulation

By Alexander Germanis Nothing living can sustain itself without some system in place to transport nutrients. A city cannot subsist without a distribution of food to every household. The farms growing that food cannot thrive without delivery systems for water and fertilizer. And the human body cannot utilize the nutrients from that food or the […]

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

By Luke Dalfiume, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Co-Owner, John R. Day & Associates, Christian Psychological Associates Sexual abuse and sexual assault essentially refer to the same behaviors. However, sexual abuse is often used to refer to sexual behavior against a child by a much older child, adolescent, or adult. Sexual assault is often used to […]

Step Back Into the Daylight

By Alexander Germanis When the morning breaks, it brings with it all the hopes and potential of a new day. This is true, at least, for those who awake after a night of restful sleep or for whom the bright light of day does not trigger splitting headaches. For those who suffer from temporomandibular joint […]

Innovative Medical Therapies—Full Circle Medical Care

By Alexander Germanis Medical care has probably never been more complicated. Complex insurance plans and healthcare reimbursements are bad enough, but we now also live in the age of the specialist. Now it is common to go to half a dozen different offices and practices around town or even across the state in order to […]

Should Life Insurance Be Part of Your Retirement Plan?

By Krista McBeath, McBeath Financial Group Most of us think of life insurance as protection against financial loss should we die prematurely. But if and when we reach retirement and the kids are all self-sufficient, do we still need life insurance? The answer is maybe–or maybe not. Here are some situations where life insurance may […]

On the Move

By Alexander Germanis When a bird is not in flight or a fish is not coursing through the water, it goes contrary to their physical nature. Indeed their most notable physical characteristics are indicative of how they move through their respective environments. While we humans may not have wings or fins, our limbs certainly still […]

How To Select a Massage Therapist

By Don Thorpe, LMT, Aches Away Massage Specialists Massage therapy can be an extremely beneficial part of any health and wellness plan. While many people think that the primary benefit of massage therapy is to help you relax, it can do so much more. The key is finding the right massage therapist to meet your […]