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Cardiac Nurse and a Busy Dad Say divvyDOSE Helps Them Remember


By David Heitz

Like any good nurse, Dana Trawzynski doesn’t dispense advice to her patients loosely. When a relative told her that divvyDOSE had revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by making medication adherence easier (resulting in better patient outcomes), she decided to try it herself.

“I work in healthcare, and [divvyDOSE] is a great fit,” Trawzynski said of her work as a cardiac nurse. “I tell patients about it. It’s a very organized, methodical way of making sure they continue to be compliant with their medications.”

She said heart medications are prescribed in a very specific manner for the different patients who take them. They need to be taken exactly as directed. “What we see are that people are very busy, and we all live a very hectic lifestyle these days,” she said of people who do not take their medications correctly.

Trawzynski said when people pick up their medications that come from brick-and-mortar pharmacies, “there are multiple bottles; they all have the same labeling. I see people come through the ER who have taken the wrong dose. They just start grabbing pill bottles, and they take too much.”

She said divvyDOSE’s pre-packaged dosing means “there’s no mistakes; it’s much less error-prone.”

Trawzynski said she lives with some chronic health conditions herself, so she has a personal stake in making sure she takes her medications properly. Because she has her medical conditions under control, she is healthy and able to compete in triathlons. She gets various nutritional supplements delivered via divvyDOSE, too. “I’m very much into health and wellness, and this saves me from having to go out and buy six different supplements. I also know that this way they will always be there when my divvyDOSE comes every month. It’s reliable. I can count on it.”

Mark Betz switched to divvyDOSE solely as a way to better adhere to his vitamin supplements. “Not only does it save time not going to the store, but if I go on vacation or am working out of town, it’s easier to just tear off the dosing packets rather than pack the whole pill bottles,” he said. “Each morning, I take my dose. When the new box comes, I leave it on the counter by my car keys. There’s no thought process of having to remember [his vitamins] in between getting the kids out the door for school and me getting ready for work.”

To simplify taking your medications, check out divvyDOSE, the Rock Island-headquartered pharmacy, at www.divvyDOSE.com, or call 844-693-4889.

Photo credit:  Steve Debenport/iStock