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Bridging the Gap Between Hospital and Home


Born and raised in Indiana, retired service manager Gene Tighe, 80, decided to move to Illinois last July to live with his daughter, granddaughter, and two Dachshunds in Colona, IL. He was not having any health issues; he just wanted to be closer to his family so they could help take care of him if needed. Then, almost a full year after moving in with his daughter, Gene fell and tripped over one of the Dachshunds, which resulted in four broken ribs. As you may already know, broken ribs pretty much have to heal on their own, so the hospital cannot do much to help you recover from that. Gene was sent to Heartland Health Care Center in Moline to recover in their new MedBridge rehab unit. MedBridge is specially designed for shorter stay patients, and their goal is to get you back to your home safely in less than 30 days. In Gene’s case, he was back home within 21 days.

I met Gene at Heartland Health Care Center in Moline to interview him and take some photos for this story. It was amazing to see someone so comfortable and happy in this environment; I felt like everyone was coming out of their rooms to see him and high five him. The positive energy that surrounded him was a fun thing to witness. I am sure that also aided him in his quick recovery.

I asked Gene about his time at Heartland Health Care Center in Moline, he said, “It is the best place to be if you need it. I didn’t understand why I had four broken ribs, but they were working on everything else.” This is where the years of training and experience by the staff are important. “I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of answers that made sense. I have no complaints. I would definitely recommend this place.” Gene had been back home for about two weeks when we met, and he is continuing some therapy at home now. I am also happy to report that neither dog was injured!

You have a choice
The MedBridge team members are here to help. The skilled nursing and rehabilitation center has a proven track record of getting patients rehabilitated and back to their lives. The team understands patients’ apprehension after a major medical issue, their desire to get home, and their anxiety about their recovery.

Ask for MedBridge
Not all providers have the same experience or results in helping patients achieve their goals. The expertise of the clinical and rehabilitation team can significantly impact recovery success. MedBridge is a distinct post-acute unit specially designed for shorter stay patients who require intense medical and rehabilitation care. It is ideal for patients recovering from life-changing events such as illness, surgery, or multiple health issues and need additional care or rehabilitation before returning home.

What is MedBridge?

MedBridge is a distinct post-acute unit specially designed for shorter stay patients who require intense medical and rehabilitation care before returning home.

  • Chronic diseases
  • Heart complications
  • Stroke or other neurological concerns
  • Cancer
  • Orthopedic injury or placement
  • Pulmonary issues

Upon admission, the MedBridge team’s mission is to return patients home safely and confidently. The unique features of MedBridge include the following:

  • Separate and distinct unit in the center where patients with similar diagnoses and discharge goals receive post-hospital care.
  • Specialized staff, including registered nurses knowledgeable in post-acute care, provide medical and rehabilitative support and oversee clinical care.
  • An interdisciplinary team of therapists working with attending physicians, nurse practitioners, and specialty physicians to deliver post-acute services focused on maximizing individual patient goals

HCR Manorcare’s skilled nursing facilities must meet stringent unit criteria before being recognized with the MedBridge brand. This includes…

  • Returning the majority of their short-term rehab patients back to the community within 30 days
  • Offering high tech equipment
  • Providing RN staffing
  • Having a lower re-hospitalization rate than the industry
  • Earning high customer service approval

On your road to recovery, choose the right path.

Choosing the right post-hospital provider and setting to help patients manage safely at home can be confusing – yet it is the single most important decision for a successful recovery.

Patients select the physician and hospital they trust to meet their needs. But when it comes to post-hospital or post-acute care, are patients choosing the provider that will minimize their risk of re-hospitalization and emotional distress and help them on their road to recovery?

A post-acute provider should deliver the care and services a patient needs for a successful recovery. Consider these items when choosing:

  • Is there a proven track record of providing care and services with good outcomes in your area of skilled need?
  • What is the experience in years and training of the nurses and clinical support team in the facility? Do they work with specialty physicians and nurse practitioners?
  • What percentage of patients are discharged home?
  • Is the facility up-to-date with the latest training, tools and equipment in managing your care?
  • Will the team be responsive to your needs and include you in the care planning process?
  • What percentage of patients “bounce back” to the hospital within 30 days of their leaving?

At Heartland Health Care Center in Moline, the Director of Nursing and the Director of Rehabilitation have over 30 years of experience each. A Hospitalist rounds weekly.  Nurse practitioners are there multiple days of the week and Medical Directors round twice a week. 98.9% of patients who have a community discharge goal during the last 3 months (Home with or without services) achieved those goals.  92.3% of the patients discharged would recommend our facility to others.

Successful aging is not a matter of genes or fate. Staying active and making healthy choices can pave the way for a long, vital life. For more information on successful aging, contact Jodi Mines, Admissions Director-Heartland Health Care Center, 833 16th Ave., Moline. 309-764-6744 or 309-756-8315. Located at 833 Sixteenth Ave, Moline.