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Bless These Brows


Creating Confidence Inside and Out

By Julie Workman

In the bustling world of beauty, where every detail counts, well-groomed eyebrows add structure to your face and can, when done correctly, set you apart from the crowd. Welcome to Bless These Brows, where we redefine beauty standards through the artistry of eyebrow shaping and enhancement.

Owner Jennifer Solis found her calling in the skin care industry more than twenty years ago and has encouraged her clients to take advantage of her services so they can look and feel their best. “I tell all my clients that it doesn’t make them vain if they want to feel good about what they see when they look in the mirror. I want them to look the same on the outside as they feel on the inside,” she says.

Her genuine passion for helping clients shines through when they enter Bless These Brows’ calm, comforting environment. The color purple is Jennifer’s favorite and inspired the salon’s décor. The deep, rich color is often associated with mystery and spirituality. It is known to induce a feeling of relaxation. Jennifer also notes that purple is the color of royalty, and that’s exactly how she wants her clients to feel when they walk out. These décor elements all support Jennifer’s mission “to send clients out of the salon with a renewed sense of how important and valuable they are.”

Jennifer’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her services; it encompasses every aspect of your visit, ensuring you feel pampered, valued, and empowered.


The top five services at Bless These Brows are:

  • Custom Consultations
  • Microblading
  • Lash Lifts
  • Brow Lamination
  • Skin Rejuvenation

Custom Consultations

“Our salon serves customers between the ages of 18 and 100+, and sometimes even older or younger, depending on the service,” Jennifer says. “Anyone can make an appointment for a consultation to ask questions and determine which services will be best for them.”

At the custom consultation, Jennifer explains Bless These Brows’ complete menu of services. She helps clients determine if they should come in every four or five weeks for an eyebrow wax or if they’d like to learn more about microblading, undertake full-on resurfacing with microdermabrasion services, or land somewhere between.

“If potential clients are unfamiliar with the terms we use to describe services, they’re less likely to understand their options,” Jennifer explains. “The custom consultations are always time well spent.”



Once clients understand all options, it’s much easier for them to decide which services are best for them based on the type of look they want to achieve.

Microblading is the salon’s most popular service. As a licensed tattoo artist, Jennifer offers microblading via the traditional hand-stroke method.

At its core, microblading is just what it sounds like. Using a series of microneedles banded together, Jennifer makes a series of little scratches just the size and shape of her client’s eyebrow hairs and then fills them in with color to achieve the desired effect. This creates a more natural look and a more seamless transition.

A complete microblading treatment requires two appointments. At the first one, which takes about two and a half hours, clients learn more about the procedure, the aftercare, and how to manage their expectations. The first treatment sees clients leave with a “more conservative, less dramatic” eyebrow shape and color that is usually lighter than their final look will be. As Jennifer says, “I can add more, but I can’t take it away!”

The second appointment is four weeks later and much shorter, just about one and a half hours. At this appointment, we add more density to create fluidity between the normal hair and the base created at the initial application.

“Microblading is not quite the same commitment as traditional tattooing,” Jennifer explains. “The color will fade, and skin tones will change, so maintenance is required every six months to two years.”

“The final result is stunning. Microblading gives more structure to your brows, lifts your eyes, and makes you look younger and more awake.”


Lash Lifts

Lash lifts, also known as “lash perming,” require far less maintenance than lash extensions, which seem to be more well-known.

Despite their popularity, lash extensions require a fill every few weeks, can look unnatural as your real eyelashes grow out, and can cause damage to your natural lashes.

Lash lifting does not damage your natural lashes and lasts six weeks. Much like getting a permanent wave for the hair on your head, lash lifting involves arranging and separating your eyelashes, then applying a permanent chemical solution to the lashes so they will stay “curled” until your next appointment.

The lash lift treatment also includes tinting your lashes from root to tip, creating the illusion that you’re always wearing mascara – even when you’re not!


Brow Lamination

Similar to how a lash lift adds a permanent curl to your lashes, brow lamination separates and straightens the hairs in your eyebrows to make them appear fuller and fluffier.

This appointment begins by defining the shape of your brows with traditional eyebrow wax. Then, a permanent chemical solution is applied and allowed to set. Next, your brows are trimmed to refine the shape and combed up and out. Finally, if necessary, Jennifer will add a tint to the brows to make them as dramatic (or subtle) as you like.


Skin Rejuvenation

After spending the first ten years of her career in the skin-care business and the next ten accumulating increasingly specialized continuing education, Jennifer naturally offers skin rejuvenation treatments at her brow salon.

“Nearly everyone can benefit from skin rejuvenation treatments,” she says. “Sometimes called skin resurfacing, each treatment removes a layer (or layers) of dead skin, improving your face’s overall tone and texture and leaving your skin drastically softer and smoother. Whether manual or chemical exfoliation will work better for you, any products you use at home will work better, and your make-up will go on much more evenly.”

Microdermabrasion uses an abrasive tip combined with suction to manually exfoliate layers of dead skin. It is especially effective at improving the appearance of blackheads and acne scarring.

Dermaplaning is often combined with microdermabrasion and is a precise, manual technique used to remove surface layers of dead skin and vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz), leaving your skin feeling incredibly smooth.

In addition to those manual exfoliation techniques, Jennifer also offers a variety of chemical peels to create balance in the skin. Varying in intensity and customized for each client, chemical peels can be as mild or as aggressive as the client prefers, depending on how much downtime they they’re willing to commit to.

Whether preparing for a special event, updating your look, or simply treating yourself, Bless These Brows is here to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Jennifer’s excitement to deliver for her clients is palpable, even after over 20 years in the business: “I want them to leave my salon knowing that they are living in their unique purpose and can crush their goals. Being a part of that process gives me so much joy, and I am grateful that I’ve been able to make a living out of it.”


“I’ve been coming to Bless These Brows since 2017, and Jennifer has delivered a fantastic experience from start to finish every time. Her personality, the way she patiently explains everything, and her industry knowledge about every service she offers really stand out. I never feel rushed during an appointment, and I honestly don’t feel like a customer at the salon; I feel like a friend! I’ve been recommending Bless These Brows to my family and friends since my first appointment, and once they come in and experience the great service and amazing results, they keep coming back.”

Angela L., Bloomington


Bless These Brows is open Monday through Saturday at the North Entrance, 1212 Towanda Avenue in Bloomington. Learn more at or call 309-831-7433.