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Benefits of Prayer


By Karen McCoy, Marketing Consultant, Ridgecrest Village

Over half of Americans believe that prayer is an important part of daily life. They say that even some atheists and religiously unaffiliated individuals admit that they sometimes pray.

People have probably been praying for as long as we have been able to contemplate our existence. Research suggests that prayer may be very beneficial.

Some scientifically-supported benefits of prayer include the following:

Prayer improves self-control: People who said a prayer prior to a mentally exhausting task were better able to exercise self-control following that task.

Prayer makes you nicer: There is indications that having people pray for those in need reduced the amount of aggression they expressed following an anger-inducing experience. In other words, prayer helps you not lose your cool.

Prayer makes you more forgiving:
Researchers found that having people pray for a romantic partner or friend made them more willing to forgive those individuals.

Prayer increases trust: Recent studies found that having people pray together with a close friend increased feelings of unity and trust. This finding is interesting because it suggests that praying with others can be an experience that brings people closer together. Social prayer may thus help build close relationships.

Prayer offsets the negative health effects of stress:
It has been found that people who prayed for others were less vulnerable to the negative physical health effects associated with financial stress. Also, it was the focus on others that seemed to be contributing to the stress-buffering effects of prayer. Praying for material gain did not counter the effects of stress. So, thinking about the welfare of others may be a crucial component of receiving personal benefits from prayer.

There is a growing body of evidence indicating that prayer can be beneficial for individuals and society.

At Ridgecrest Village we maintain an atmosphere that provides for the spiritual growth of residents and staff. And we are dedicated to the inclusion of families as an integral part of the life of residents.

To support that atmosphere we have provided a chapel and a full- time pastor to serve persons of all denominations and spiritual traditions. As a resident, you have access to our pastor any time. She is here for you as a listener and to guide with pastoral counseling and with beside you in a crisis. The chaplain makes hospital visits and facilitates our Caregiver Support Group. We offer three non-denominational services every Sunday as well as Catholic Mass and special religious holiday services. Our Meditation and Prayer Room is available twenty four hours a day for all of our Ridgecrest residents, family, our Ridgecrest staff and all visitors who find themselves “Called to the Quiet” from the busyness of life. The Chaplain chaplain believes having a quiet place where you can go to meditate, pray, write in your journal or just have time to yourself is important to your life and your spiritual well-being. As a resident at Ridgecrest Village, you can have access to all of this and more.
If you would like to learn about all that we have to offer at Ridgecrest Village contact Mary or Karen at 563-391-3430.