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Ask the Audiologist


By Heather Sandy, MA, CCC-A

Q:    I saw a really good deal online for a hearing aid. What do I need to know before I purchase it?

A:    There are many things to consider before purchasing a hearing aid from any source.

  • Do you need hearing aids? Have you had your hearing tested by a professional to rule out medical concerns and confirm that you are a candidate for hearing aids?
  • What kind of hearing aids do you need? There are different styles and options of hearing aids that may be appropriate for some hearing losses but not others. If the amplification is not strong enough, the device may not help you. If it is too strong, it could actually cause further damage to your hearing.
  • Will the hearing aids be set for your hearing loss? Hearing aids are medical devices that need to be fit appropriately for each user. They are not one-size-fits all. Hearing aids are programmed to fit your particular hearing loss pattern. Many styles also have a custom component that must be fitted in person with a hearing health professional.
  • How will you have the hearing aids adjusted or serviced? In our clinic, the price of our hearing aids typically includes the follow-up services. If you purchase devices online and bring them to a clinic for help, you should expect to pay additional fees for the professional services you receive.
  • Are the devices you purchased even hearing aids, or are they just simple amplifiers? There are many amplification devices available online, but they may function only to amplify environmental sounds and are not fine-tuned to fit an individual’s hearing needs. In fact, by definition Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAP’s) are intended for non-hearing impaired consumers for recreational purposes such as hunting or bird watching.

At Audiology Consultants, we encourage you to have comprehensive hearing evaluation and discuss your treatment options. If hearing aids are appropriate, we will partner with you to choose appropriate technology and provide an adjustment period to ensure you are satisfied.

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