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AmnioFix A new treatment for injuries


By Melissa J. Lockwood, DPM, Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, P.C.

As a podiatrist, I am always striving to provide new, innovative ways to treat our patients. We want to get our athletes, in particular, back “in training” as quickly as possible.

For any sports injury, we often begin with conservative treatments: PRICE therapy.

Protect the area: We utilize walking boots and cast immobilization here in the office to protect injured areas.

Rest the area: Limiting activity for up to 14 days can help eliminate long-term issues following injury.

Ice the area: Applying cold therapy is critical in the early stages of healing. 10 minutes up to three times a day to the affected area will do the trick!

Compress the area:
Using mechanical compression can eliminate swelling and allow soft tissue to heal more quickly.

Elevate the area:
Keeping the affected limb above your heart will allow for proper lymphatic drainage and decrease pain.

Ok, I did all that, and it still isn’t better! Now what?

Step two of our treatment involves using a combination of physical therapy and laser therapy modalities to mobilize the affected areas and get you back on your feet. These treatments often last three to six weeks and can begin as quickly as seven days post injury.

If the area continues to bother you, we can work with a new therapy called AmnioFix Sports Med. This product is for chronic pain associated with previous injuries or repetitive trauma. AmnioFix is a human amniotic membrane allograft (meaning from another person).

This is used in the injection form to help break up scar tissue and chronic inflammation associated with long term overuse injuries in athletes.

What to expect?

Any time we have to inject anything into your body, the area can be sore for up to two to three days after the treatment. We are taking the chronic pain and using the growth factors within the AmnioFix injection, we are converting the chronic inflamed tissues into an acute inflammatory response. What does this mean? It can be painful at first, and we need to revert back to that PRICE therapy as discussed above. The good news? AmnioFix helps heal chronic injuries 15 percent faster and can help you avoid a surgical procedure!

If you have chronic pain associated with an injury or overuse after activities, AmnioFix is a new option to help you get moving and back on your feet!  

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